Monday, September 1, 2014

This and That

Look how big Dane looks! It's just crazy that he is really a 1st grader.  He's like a little teenager already.  He is so grown up it's unreal!
This was on Thursday before catching the bus.  

He's so sweet to Jace, and really is very helpful.  He talks to Jace in the mornings and will help feed him if he gets done with his breakfast quick.  It's hilarious hearing him talk to Jace, because he will tell him that he is going to school and won't be gone too long, he will also mention things like Jace will be able to go to school one day when he turns 6.  When he gets home from school he will ask if Jace was sad all day that he was gone, or ask if I was able to make him smile even though he wasn't here.  Pretty funny.  

Dane all in Jace's face trying to get him to smile.  
Jace always gives him the smile that he is wanting. 

Or if he doesn't Dane will make him smile one way or another.  Ha

Thursday was the opening game for the Aggies.  While the big boys were away I took some Aggie spirit pics of the little man, and then when Dane got home I was able to sneak in a few of Dane as well.  The Aggies came out with a big victory! We love football season around here! It's so much fun! 

Some tummy time pics of the little dude.  

This picture makes me laugh the way I caught him looking at his little toys.  Eyebrows up! 
Which reminds me of something funny that Dane said the other day at dinner.  I was holding Jace while we were eating and Dane was talking to Jace.  Dane said "Hey he just eyebrowed me".  We started laughing and questioned what he said.  He replied "You know eyebrowed me", then he showed us what Jace did and moved his eyebrows up and down.  Ha

Friday before school
Dane came home Friday with a good report! So far 1st grade is going well, and Dane is loving it.  

Just some pictures I found in my cell phone from last week.  
I got lucky a couple times with a few couple hour naps.  Nights have gotten way better, but the stinker doesn't sleep well during the day.  But, you can bet your bottom dollar that when I got him to sleep I ran around trying to get done as much as I could.  I totally took advantage of his naps!

This is how we roll when going outside to get Dane on or off the bus.  
 Dane gets off the bus and comes running with the biggest smile.  He is always so happy once he gets home. 

We went to Orange for the weekend.  It was a relaxing weekend, we didn't do a whole lot.  But, we did get to see these little monkeys.  Getting a picture of them 4 is a task.  We might have bribed with oreo cookies.  Ha! 
I stole these first 4 from my cousin Lindsay.  

 And just a couple pictures from these cute boys this morning.  

Weekend is over.  It's back to the school routine tomorrow!

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