Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Fun

Our lazy Saturdays are officially over.  Baseball is in full swing with games every Saturday until November.  We had a busy day, but it was filled with fun.  

We started off with the Home Depot workshop first thing Saturday morning.  I took both the boys because Kevin was still not feeling well.  Dane had so much fun the first time that I think this will be a normal monthly thing for us. He really gets into building stuff, likes to hammer pieces together to make a project.  This month was a bird house.  Grandma, you would be so proud.  :) He said you would have a lot of questions because you love birds, and he will be able to help you make a bird house.  He was determined to make his bird house perfect for blue jays.  So, he painted it all blue.  So, if I'm being honest we started the building, and then I quickly realized that we had messed up and had done it incorrectly.  Dane told me when I had mentioned that the wrong piece was nailed to the side that this is why his dad should have come with him to build, because I'm a girl and I don't know how to use a hammer.  All I could do was laugh.  Because I've never said that I knew how to be a carpenter.  Building isn't really my thing, and I'm ok with that.  HAHA  But, he was very nice and kept telling 
me that it was ok that we messed up, even though we both knew that it was my fault.  I had given him the incorrect piece to nail.  Home Depot was really nice and let us have a new kit and we started over.  To make it more funny I was wearing an Aggie shirt, and there was a guy decked out in LSU gear right next to us that cracked a few Aggie jokes at my expense.  How many Aggies does it take to build a bird house???  
The kit came with Wizard of Oz stickers and little witch feet that you hook to the house, a place for the birds to stand on.  It's suppose to look like the house fell on the witch like in the movie.  Really cute.  Since he had painted the entire thing he didn't put any pictures on it at Home Depot because the paint wasn't dry.  I didn't get a picture of it once he had decorated it, but he is really proud of it.  It's on our patio waiting for "blue jays" to come and live in it.  I need to get some bird feed to put in there, so maybe we will see a bird or two.  

After Home Depot we had a couple hours to hang out before Dane's first baseball game.  All of our games are at either 1:00 or 2:30.  Sucks.  Right in the middle of the day when it is so hot.  
His first game was a doozie.  I really felt like they should have been passing out xanex to the parents in the stands.  Maybe even slip the coaches a few pills as well.  We were told that being in coach pitch was going to be way different than tee-ball, that it was more intense and competitive.  I was even told that the parents can get really crazy as well.  I believed all this, but I just had no idea how serious those people were.  The game was extremely intense.  I felt stressed out the entire game, not to mention miserable from how hot and humid it was.  The coaches on both teams just seem to forget that these kids are 6 and 7.  There was so much yelling it was unbelievable.  The kids had no clue what they were doing.  Balls were going everywhere but where they needed to go.   I think a lot of them were just confused because there were coaches from both sides yelling opposite things.  There is a lot of rules that are different, so the kids who played tee-ball last year were doing the old rules and it would make the coaches scream even more.  Both tee-ball teams that we were on had supportive parents on the teams.  When kids would mess up there was always encouragement being yelled to the kids that it was ok or that they can do better the next time.  Not all the parents on our team are crazy, but there is a handful that takes this way too seriously, and expect their kids and the team to perform like they are pros. So much yelling, and huge sighs and talking under their breaths about the kid's mistakes.  Chill out people.  It's little league, no scholarships will be given.  
 Dane only got to bat once because of the line up.  He was the next batter twice, but we got 3 outs those two times before it was his turn so he didn't get to bat.  Sadly, he struck out.  The coach that pitched has not practiced with them at all, this was his first time pitching.  The coach that has been pitching during practices decided that he didn't want to pitch during the game.  The first inning was the only time that he got kids on base, we struck out every time after that.  It was bad.  So bad.  :( 
I was really worried that Dane would be upset after the game, but he kept a smile on his face the entire time. He gave a lot of effort the entire game, even though he wasn't along with his team doing all that well. He was pretty oblivious to all the yelling.  He is in his own little world most of the time, and can have fun no matter what he is doing.  So, he didn't really notice that the coaches were acting like maniacs yelling at all the players.  So, I'm thinking this season could be painful.  Kevin and I have no expectations.  We just want Dane to have fun and try his best while learning and improving. 
So... Go Iron Pigs! 
Yeah, I know I had never heard of the Iron Pigs either.   

After the game we ran home to change clothes then hit the road to go to our friend Zach's birthday party.  His party was at a Laser Tag facility and it was a ton of fun.  The kids got to do 2 laser tag missions in a big maze that was dark with black lights and techno music, and Dane had an absolute blast. Happy Birthday Zach!

After the party we came back home, and then turned on the radio to listen to the Aggies play.  They weren't playing on a tv channel that we have, but listening to it was just fine.   Here's some sweet pics of J Man supporting his team.  

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melanie said...

Your photography is beautiful, Jayne! I know those handsome boys would look cute anyway, but your photos really are amazing. I've missed your blog... it's been fun catching up on what y'all have been up to.
I hear you with the competitive baseball - we just started softball and it's pretty comical to see how intense it is for some of the parents (my husband included)! :)