Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The happenings

Last week was pretty low key if I remember correctly.  After last weekend I was so pooped, so all I wanted to do was hang out at my house.  I didn't have much I had to do or anywhere that I had to be besides the normal stuff.  J man got to have a cuddle date with my friend Christy one day.  She watched him for a couple hours so I could get my hair done.  Other than that my days were spent mainly at home catching up with house work.

We got the ok to start feeding Jace baby food.  We started off with sweet potatoes last week.  I'm not sure if he liked it or not.  He was so confused with what to do with the spoon that most of the food was on him instead of him eating it.  And, it only lasted for about 10 minutes before he would have enough and get mad.  I would have to basically turn the spoon over where the food would fall onto his tongue, and then try and hold his mouth closed so he would swallow a little.  But, 9 times out of 10 he would push the food out with his tongue.  We tried bananas today for the first time, and it was the same thing. He has no clue what to do when he isn't sucking on a bottle, and then gets mad like I'm torturing him with food that he isn't able to eat.

Some mornings Dane wakes up and Jace is awake, and other mornings I'm able to get J back asleep for a couple more hours when he wakes up around 5:30ish.  Dane is always disappointed when he doesn't get to see him before he leaves for school.  Jace will sit in his high chair next to Dane while he eats breakfast and Dane wants him as close as possible so he can harass talk to him.  Usually J will just stare at D, probably amazed at how long D can talk without taking a single breath.  :)

 No idea what upset J because it happened quickly and unexpectedly, but I had to put a picture because it's very rare for him to cry like this.  Poor little guy

Some cute pictures of Jace sporting his skeleton pjs.  Dane was quite jealous when he saw Jace in them.  He thought they were the coolest pjs he had ever seen, and was wishing he had some.  I had to show him pictures from when he wore the same pjs many years ago.  Gotta love hand me downs!

One night last week we had make your own pizza night.  Dane has been wanting to make pizzas for months, and I finally remembered to buy the ingredients the last time I went grocery shopping.  It actually turned out way better than I was expecting.  I have never made my own pizza before.  I didn't have high expectations with how good the pizza would taste, but I was surprised! It was really good, and much cheaper than ordering a pizza from Pappa Johns.  Dane liked doing everything except messing with the dough.  He thought it felt disgusting and he was pretty grossed out when kneading the dough.  


Some cute randomness... 

J watching D play with his mining treasure he got from DewBerry Farm.  Everyone chill I was sitting right next to Jace.  He wasn't going anywhere.  
 Funny face

J was bouncing and bouncing and then got completely still and quite.  I walked over and he had fallen asleep!! So cute!
Those cheeks!!!

This is what happens I'd say about 60% of nap times.  Jace hasn't gotten the memo that sleeping is good.  He's so inconsistent.  Sometimes I can get him down with no problems and he will take a good 2 hour nap, but other times he will be dead asleep and then I put him in his crib and his head pops up immediately and he starts grinning all big.  Sigh.  I just keep trying, and hoping one day it will click that a good nap everyday is good for the soul! Unfortunately, these pictures are blurry. :(

 We hang outside sometimes just to get out of the house especially on days that there is a good breeze. Jace likes being outside, it has a calming effect on him.

Dane hanging out with some monsters at the library for our monthly lego club event.
Jace ALWAYS has his hand in his mouth.  He is constantly chewing on his hand, even will suck his thumb while sucking on a bottle.  I try everyday to get him to take a paci, and he just won't do it.  He gets mad when I put that in his mouth.  I wish he would take one! I know that it could help with soothing him to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night, but he wants nothing to do with them.  

Dane's game Saturday was pretty intense.  For starters the coach kicked his OWN son out of the game.  Yes, you read that right.  He kicked out his son, and made his mom take him home about halfway into the game.  Evidently the kid was saying some mean things to his teammates when the other kids would strike out.  I didn't hear him, but the coach heard him and got extremely mad and kicked him out.  Then he had a pep talk with the team about supporting each other and encouraging their teammates even when players aren't playing well.  It was intense, and crazy but I think it says a lot about the coach that he was teaching a hard lesson to the team about how they should be acting towards each other.
We were 5 runs behind at the end of the game.  It wasn't looking too pretty, none of our boys could get a hit.  But, we came back!! And Dane had a part in it.  The first 2 times Dane was up to bat he fouled out.  But, 3rd times a charm! When it was his turn to bat we had come back and were now tied and the bases were loaded.  Dane got a hit, and 3rd base was able to run in to score! Dane hit in the 5th run, so the inning was over.  Dane's age group does 3 outs or 5 runs.  He was disappointed that he couldn't run all the bases, but once we explained that he got the 5th run and helped our team to win he was really excited.  We came back and won! It was crazy exciting.  However, remember I told you moms get crazy in coach pitch.  Well, when we won the team mom from the other team threw a tantrum. I'm not kidding.  She really threw a tantrum.  I was embarrassed for her.   We saw her throwing her kid's stuff in his bag and then we saw her walking to her car and she was going crazy off to another mom.  She was ticked.  Which was crazy.  It's 6/7 year old ball.  It's not that serious.

 We played Dane's bestie Liam's team again.  The boys were excited to see each other again!

Now we are to the last week of October! How is that even possible?? This year is flying by.
Fun week so far and more fun to come! This week consist of a costume parade, Top Golf, carving pumpkins, celebrating a birthday, and of course Halloween!