Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 months

Jace turned 4 months on the 4th! Time is going by so fast! He has brought us so much joy, and it's hard to remember what life was like before him.  He is the sweetest baby, so easy to make smile and giggle.  He is pretty content most of the day unless he is hungry or gets super tired.  He used to sleep through the night, but in the last month has regressed back to waking up several times.  The nights are exhausting, but the days are generally very calm.  He is such a happy baby, basically just making eye contact will get a big ol smile from him.  He is too cute and so sweet.  He is still eating about 5 or 6 oz every 3-4 hours.  We got the ok to start feeding him baby food.  I've only tried feeding him baby cereal at this point, but I haven't figured out a good time to do it yet.  He has been too hungry the times I've tried, and ends up frustrated and angry and screaming for food.  HaHa  So, I need to try in between bottles, I think.  Jace loves taking baths, is content outside, being held and talked to and bouncing in his bouncer.  He's not a fan of sleeping, being in his car seat if the car isn't moving, and getting lotion put on.  He is a drooling spit up mess, goes through about 5 outfits a day, but never seems bothered by it.  He has more control over his hands now, will pick up toy rings and bring them to his mouth, and of course his little pudgy hands stay in his mouth.  When you have him laying flat in your arms he can now lift his back about 15 degrees to try and sit up.  He is getting quite a bit stronger.  

He is loved so so so much.  Dane is very helpful with him and is so sweet to him.  

He had his well check on Monday and had to get more shots which was not fun.  
He has grown a lot, and is healthy and growing just like he should be.  
He was 15 lbs 14.9 oz (59% in weight)
24.75 inches (29% in height)

I looked back at what Dane was at 4 months and Jace is a pound heavier than Dane was. 
Dane was 14 lbs 15.5 oz.  Crazy.  Jace was a pound less than Dane at birth, and he has caught up with him plus more.  

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