Friday, October 17, 2014

Baseball, Pumpkins, Homecoming Oh My

Before we talk about this fun week we are having and what's in store for the weekend here's some pictures from Dane's game.  Just another typical Saturday.  Another day at the ball park and a great game by our Iron Pigs.  Then we watched the Aggies play that night.  Ugly game.  Again.  Not looking too good for our Aggies.  

 Poor little guy.  Look how he fell asleep.  Kevin had no idea he was sleeping.  Jace was looking around and blowing spit bubbles, then he was like this in a matter of seconds.  Those baseball games wear him out.  Ha

 A picture of my happy boy sporting his Chi Omega boy pjs that used to be Dane's.  :) Remember these Zab? 
 Last week Dane had a math benchmark test at school.  First real math test.  He brought home a review guide the day before, and did some practicing that night.  He was nervous because his teacher had told the class that this test was a BIG math test.  He woke up that morning and told me that he didn't sleep well because he kept thinking about how to do the questions.  Poor little guy, he never gets nervous.  

Monday was a student holiday for Columbus Day.  It was a teacher workday for the teachers.  Parent/teacher conferences were held on this day.  Kevin had gotten enough hours over the summer so he ended up having the day off as well.  We had a great conference.  Dane is doing really well in first grade.  Academically, he is doing awesome which we already knew, but we were nervous about what the teacher would say about his behavior.  But, Mrs Harmon had great things to say about him.  Of course he talks a lot, is a social butterfly, and gets in trouble for being silly from time to time but when he is suppose to be listening and learning she said he is doing really well.  We were very happy to hear that.  This conference was waaay different than his kindergarten one.  Ha
His reading level was tested at the beginning of school and he was on level G, but Mrs Harmon thinks he's probably an H or I at this point, but hasn't been tested since week 1.  And he got a 100 on his math benchmark test, which was awesome.  He really likes school, he loves to read and write and he's really enjoying math as well.  

 After the conference we hit up Target for a couple things.  As you can see Dane was having way to much fun.  
 Since all of us were home on Monday we had big plans to go to Blessington Farm for a fun day of fall fun.  But, it was storming so we weren't able to do it.  We were all disappointed, really wanted to have a fun off day.  Dane was disappointed that we couldn't go to the pumpkin patch so we stopped by Kroger and got him a pumpkin to paint.  He hung out in the garage for a couple hours decorating this pumpkin.  He made it have two sides.  One side had a happy nice face, and the other side had a "scary" mean face.  We spent most of the day just lounging around.  It ended up still being a good day even though our fun plans got canceled.  

We have had some awesome fall cool weather in the mornings. It's been great.  Dane has gotten to wear a couple of his new long sleeve t-shirts and Jace and I have been piddling enjoying the weather in light weight hoodies.  I love fall weather! I wish we would get it everyday!

 And we were lazy and J man wore his pjs under his hoodie when we went to the store one day.  It's how he rolls sometimes.  :)

My mom brought Jace a Mickey doll back from Disney World when she went for her travel conference.  I think it's fair to say that Jace likes him.  He likes anyone that makes eye contact with him.  Ha

Wednesday evening we went to Kevin's school for their homecoming parade.  It was a lot of fun, and Dane loved it because he got tons of candy.  Kevin saw a lot of his kids on the floats, and man of them would yell at him while passing by.  "Hey Mr Wittschen, There's MR Wittschen" It was funny, and a couple kids would see him and then peg him with candy.  All in good fun! Jace enjoyed being outside. We had to turn his stroller the opposite way while the parade was going on because candy was flying everywhere and we didn't want him to get hit.  It was a fun evening, we got enough candy that I don't have to buy Halloween candy for the trick or treaters.  Ha I kid I kid.  Sort of.  
We are going to the game tonight to cheer on the Wildcats.  It should be a fun night! 

 Little guy was worn out when we got home! 

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch near us.  I'll post those pics in a separate post.  I got some really cute pictures of the boys.  We have a fun filled weekend ahead.  Tonight we are going to the football game.  Saturday my mom is coming into town to watch the boys.  Dane has a baseball game first thing that we will go to and then Kevin and I have a date day/night to celebrate his birthday.  His birthday isn't for a couple weeks, but we are celebrating just the two of us early.  We are going to the Ziegenbock festival at the Sam Houston Race Track to watch a bunch of country musicians perform.  We are excited to have a day to ourselves! Saturday evening my mom will take Dane to his bestie Liam's house for his birthday party.  Then Sunday we are planning on going to Dewberry Farm or the Oil Ranch, not sure which one yet to do some fall fun.  Dane is really excited about that and going through the corn maze.  

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