Monday, October 6, 2014

Social butterfly

Last week was a fun social week for me.  I got to have more social events in one week than I've had in probably 2 years.  It's been probably close to a year and a half that I've had a night out with just  girlfriends. We have spent time with friends, but it's usually with husbands and children. Life just gets busy, and it's hard sometimes to break out of the busy schedule and find a time that works for everyone.  
So, it was crazy this week to look in my calendar and see a lot of social stuff all in one week.  Getting together with girlfriends is good for the soul! And a special thanks for my hubby who picked up the slack this week, and was at home with the boys while I was out laughing and having fun.  It was well needed, and I appreciated getting to get out of the house and have some fun nights.  

Last Sunday evening I went to a wreath making get together.  I know, how old do I sound?? Ha But, it was so much fun.  One of my girlfriends had posted a picture on facebook of a burlap wreath she had made.  She got several comments from a bunch of girls, me included, about how we loved the wreath and would love for her to give a tutorial on how to make it.  So, she decided to host a little gathering.  We all brought our own supplies, and sat around and talked while we made our wreaths.  I initially had wanted to make an Aggie wreath, but Hobby Lobby and Micheals let me down.  I couldn't find maroon burlap anywhere.  Those places had every color you could think of, but no maroon.  There was a really pretty deep orange burlap that would have been really great for fall, but  it was too close to burnt orange so I thought Kevin might stroke out if I hung a wreath on my door with that color.  :)  With the color that I chose, I think my wreath is a little more on the spring side so I'll have to wait to hang it until after the holidays.  It's not perfect... in fact I kind of struggled a little with it, but I think it turned out cute for my first one.  I want to make another one, it got my creative juices flowing! 

Kevin has been craving beignets lately, so I picked up some Cafe Du Monde beignet mix the last time I had gone grocery shopping.  Sunday morning Kevin whipped us up some and it made me wish we were in New Orleans eating them and hanging out in the french quarter! When he was making them we tried explaining to Dane what they were.  We told him they were french donuts.  
So, he was a little unsure at first, he took a bite and while he was trying to decide if he liked them or not he said as matter of factly as he possibly could "I think I just ate the french part".  We died laughing.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Of course, he didn't understand why we were cracking up.  

Sunday afternoon before I went to my wreath party Kevin so desperately wanted Jace to take a nap so he could take one.  Jace just wasn't having it.  Kevin tried everything, even trying to get him to fall asleep on his chest, but Jace's little head was popped up the entire time looking around.  Hilarious.  But, I know the feeling all too well.  There are days that I'm begging J man to take a little power nap, so I can get something done or because he is fussy and needs one.  A little cell phone action while I watched tv and laughed at Kevin's efforts.  

 Then I came out of my bedroom from getting ready and both of them were asleep like this! Whatever works right?!?!?! Hilarious

We found a new place for Jace to hang out.  He is able to sit in his high chair without falling over, which has been a perfect place while we are eating breakfast and dinner.  He seems to be content in it, and feels like he is apart of the group when we are sitting at the table.  He normally gets a little fussy when we are trying to eat dinner and he is on the floor in his papasan chair or in another room.  He looks so tiny in it, but oh so so cute.  He'll be in this chair a lot more often now, we got the ok from the doctor at his 4 month well check that he can start eating baby food.  I'll do a post on him being 4 months soon.

One day last week after Dane got home from school Jace was playing on his play mat.  I was in the kitchen cooking dinner thinking that Dane was just talking and playing with Jace.  But, I came into the living room to find that Dane had hung up on the play mat every baby toy that Jace has down stairs.  They were all attached and strategically placed.  When I asked him what he was doing he told me that he was just making it so Jace would have more to look at.  He had tied several together so toys wouldn't fall on him.  There were stuffed animals, rattles, toys that shake and make noise all tied together to make one very large toy.   It was very creative... very engineer like.  :)

Jace is really starting to like his bouncer.  He doesn't reach and play with the toys on it yet, but he seems to like moving his legs up and down to bounce.  I have to put a pillow under him so he can reach.  

 That little finger... always in his mouth.  Sometimes the whole hand gets in there.  Even though I think he might be too young to be teething, I think he might be showing the symptoms of teething already.  Drooling an insane amount, chewing on his fingers, putting his little finger under his tongue on his gums, has trouble eating sometimes, and is a bit fussy.   

 One day last week was college day at Dane's school.  Of course he wore an Aggie jersey.  

We celebrated it turning October 1st by watching our first Halloween movie of the season and making Halloween cookies.  We've watched a couple other kid Halloween movies since then.  
 Little man watching the movie with us.  :)
 Thursday night I met my old work besties out for dinner at Lupe Tortillas in Houston.  I miss seeing these girls everyday and having our laughs and our daily therapy sessions that kept us sane.  We had a lot of fun catching up!!  

Friday my mom came into town for the day.  We surprised Dane with a lunch date at his school.  He was beyond excited to have Granny there, and almost had her convinced to take him out of school! If I hadn't been there I think she would have caved.  During lunch we got to watch the principal get a pie smashed in his face.  He had told the school that if they went past their boosterthon goal then he would let the kid in each grade who had the most pledges throw a pie in his face. Well, the kids went past their goal! So, Friday was the day and the kids totally loved it! After lunch with Dane we went and had our real lunch at Gringos and then went shopping for a little while before she headed out.  

Friday night I had another girls night, and went to dinner at El Tiempo with my girls Christy and Becca.  Of course, we had a blast.  It was Becca's "birthday" that night.  Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids Christy.  She pulled a prank and it was hilarious.  Caught both of us by surprise.  HAHA  

Kevin took Dane to Home Depot for the builder workshop on Saturday.  

We watched most of the Aggie game on Saturday before it was time for Dane's baseball game.  Talk about an UGLY game.  We just thought the game against Arkansas was bad.  This one was waaaaay worse.  Ugh.  I think it might be a tough season from here on out.  

I only got a couple pictures of Dane's game.  I was feeling lazy at his game, so I just watched instead of taking pictures.  Dane's team played against his bestie from kindergarten's team. They were both so excited to see each other.   We saw Liam warming up before the game, and Dane started off really excited then he got a little down and said that he didn't want to play against his friend because he wanted them both to win.  Sweet. 
Dane played catcher again and when Liam was up to bat he couldn't stop talking to him.  It was hilarious.  We could hear him from the stands.  "Liam get your elbow up.  Here it comes Liam. Good try Liam.  Good swing.  You can do it Liam".  Very sweet, but distracting I'm sure for Liam.  Ha 

Jace wore his lucky football socks to the game with hopes that the Aggies would turn it around.  So, those socks ended up not being so lucky.  :(
 We went to the concession stand after the game to get sunflower seeds to put in his bird house, and somehow he tricked me into getting cotton candy instead of his usual popcorn.  Could the bag of cotton candy be any bigger???? Ugh.  He was sticky from his head to his feet

My mom has a couple of these blankets that are so soft and comfy at her house, and every time I'm there I mention that I love how soft the blankets are and that I wish I had one.  They are perfect blankets to cuddle up with when watching tv.  They are SOOO soft! Well, she got me one, and Dane has since stolen it from me.  He has slept with it every night since my mom came into town. He loves it!! Little stinker.  

Sunday it was a beautiful day outside, so we pulled out our card table on our patio and did some Halloween crafts outside.  Dane was all about making Halloween crafts and is wanting to make more.  Of course we got the ideas from pinterest. I love that site.  

Jace is now 4 months.  I'll do a separate post about that!

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