Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Adventures

Last week was a busy week with the parent/teacher conference, baseball practice, homecoming parade, visits to the batting cages and the pumpkin patch.  The weekend was packed as well with loads of fun. We didn't stop the entire weekend, it was a jammed packed couple of days and we are pooped.  No rest for the weary.  

Friday the boys got home, we ate a small dinner and then headed out to watch the Cy- Woods homecoming game.  This was both Dane and Jace's first football game to ever attend.  We sat close to the band and drill team which ended up being a lot of fun.  Dane really enjoyed watching them both during the game.  We made it till halftime, and then it was time to call it a night.  The boys started getting tired, and Dane was being antsy and not able to sit still.  He did good though for most of the first half.  The excitement wears off though after a couple hours, and there's only so many snacks you can buy from the concession stand.  Ha 
We had a good time though, it was a nice night for some Friday night lights.  The score was tied when we left, but we saw the next day that Cy-Woods ended up losing the 2nd half.  

J man hanging out in his new umbrella stroller.  He did so good too, slept for a part of the game and was content while he was awake.

Saturday morning my mom came into town.  We went and got our Gringos fix for lunch before heading to Dane's game.  Dane had his best game yet! He got a couple hits, scored a run and had some good plays stopping the ball and the play at 3rd and catcher. He is still having fun, and we are seeing improvement in his batting which is good.  

After the game we rushed home and got the boys settled in and everything Granny needed to watch them and then Kevin and I headed out.  We went to a musical festival to listen to several Texas country bands as an early celebration for Kevin's birthday.  We haven't had a date night in months and months, so it was so nice to hang out just the two of us Saturday afternoon/evening.  We brought our folding chairs and were able to sit in the shade and chill while listening to several bands and eating turkey legs and funnel cakes! Of course, we did a lot of people watching.  There were some crazies out.  Festivals always brings out the crazy.  Ha  

Sunday afternoon we went to Dewberry Farm.  We've gone several years now, and always have the best time.  It's a fun tradition to do in the fall.  We spent several hours there doing all the activities they offer.  Dane did all the normal stuff like swinging in the hay stacks, riding all the slides, the zip line, bouncy pillows, playing in the fort  etc.  This year was the first year that we did the corn maze.  Dane and Kevin had the best time in it.  I on the other hand had a panic attack and don't think I will ever do one again.  It was all good the first 20 minutes or so going through the maze, but the deeper you got in it the skinnier the path got and the more turned around we got.  It was so hot because the sun was beaming down on us, and I started feeling very claustrophobic and panicky that I would never get out.  Just call me Debbie Downer, because I wanted out like right then.  Kevin got us to the edge and we made an exit where I squeezed through the corn stalks and then had to walk a bit of a ways back to where there was stuff going on at the farm.  Then Kevin and Dane got back in the maze and continued on.  Jace and I found some shade and waited until the big boys were done with the maze.  
It was so hot Sunday, we were a hot sweaty mess and looking rough while we were at the farm.  Where is the fall weather??? Man, it was HOT!!! 
It was a good day, a lot of fun though despite the heat and my little panic attack.  Dane really had a great time.  I think next year we might wait until November to go so hopefully it will be cooler. 

Doing some mining.  He got a bag of sand that had Indiana Jones rocks hidden in it that you use a sifter and water to find.  His bag had arrowheads in it and also little teeth which he just knew were from dinosaurs back in the day.  Ha

 Little man did so good. He was content in his stroller being pushed around.  I would take him out while Dane was playing on different stuff to give him a little attention.  But, he had a good day.  He was the only one that came home as white as he arrived.  His stroller canopy kept him from getting burned.  The 3 of us got sunburned on our cheeks and arms and neck! Who would have thought you would get sunburned in the middle of October! 

I'm smiling now... this was at the beginning before I realized what I was getting myself into
 Me and Jace had escaped the corn maze, thankfully.  

These hamster wheel barrels were hilarious.  I could not stay on my feet when doing them. Dane and I would get going and I would lose my balance and fall.  Once I would fall I had a hard time getting back on my feet with the barrel rolling.  I was squealing, Dane was belly laughing and Kevin was running next to us cracking up taking pictures of me struggling.  It was pretty funny.  I was dizzy afterwards for probably an hour.  Dane loved doing this, he did it over and over.  Kevin was better at staying on his feet than I was.  

Whew! We packed a month's worth of fun into one weekend.  We were so tired, and getting up for school on Monday was hard!! Jace didn't get the memo that we had a busy weekend and we needed sleep.  :)

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