Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving break

Ok, Let's see if I can wrap up November in this post! 

First A couple pictures of these two cuties.  

Kevin and I haven't had a date or any kind of alone time just the two of us in what seems like an eternity.  So, my mom offered to watch the boys for a couple nights and let us have a little getaway.  So the Sunday before Thanksgiving we loaded up and headed to Orange to drop off the boys.  Then Kevin and I continued on I10 to New Orleans for a couple days.  My mom just thought she was tired and worn out when we arrived.  Ha When we got back she was beat! Taking care of little booger these days is a lot of work.  All in a good way, but it's constant.  No rest for the weary.  
Kevin and I had a great time away.  We were very surprised with how empty New Orleans was.  The streets were empty and quite, not like New Orleans is usually.  We thought we had missed the memo that a hurricane was coming and the town had evacuated.  It was a bit erry walking down Bourbon Street with it being so empty and vacant.  Maybe it was because of the Thanksgiving break.  But, it was good to be away.  We ate good food, walked around, did some shopping, went to the garden district etc and even got a couple nights of interrupted sleep! 
 Jace has never seen a dog before, but he was all about touching Sadie's face.  And Sadie would just let him.  It's like she could sense that he was a baby, and was real gentle around him.  
 Granny and all her babies.  The smallest baby... the white fur ball... is the most spoiled of them all.  Bella is rotten!!

 And we're off!

 Nothing like sitting in bumper to bumper traffic while on vaca!

 We did some sight seeing.

 The big cemetery in the Garden District.
It was really cloudy and so windy when we were there.  We nearly froze to death, but it was neat walking around.

 Sandra Bullock's chateau.  Her house was huge, but this was all we could get a glimpse of.  She had a really tall gate with huge landscaping all around.  But, from what we saw it was really pretty! 

John Goodman's mansion.  

I always like watching the street performers.  These guys were really talented with gymnastic type tricks.  

We had a lot of fun, but we were ready to get back to see our boys on that Wednesday! I missed those boogers.

We spent Thanksgiving over at my grandpa's house.  We were missing all of my uncle's family, but there was still a good number of us there.  It was really a great day that we all enjoyed.  It was good to see everyone and catch up, and the kids all had a blast playing together.  I love that our gatherings are casual and low key.  I think we all ate way too much, but that is kind of a given on Thanksgiving.  As much as I love getting together it always makes me think of my Nannaw, really do miss her especially when we are at her house.  It has never felt the same since she has been gone.
It was a relaxing day with everyone just hanging out.  Dane loves getting to see his cousins Hadley and Baylor.  They really all play well together and are just so cute to watch them running around the house pretending or more like screaming.  Ha! Let's keep it real.  They are loud, and never run out of energy.  But, they love each other so much and are all just the cutest! Jace will be running around next year trying to keep up with them, and Hadley and Baylor will have a new addition in their family who will be the baby of the group! Baby Jack will be here in January, so I'm sure he will probably be crawling around by then and will try to keep up as well! It's always a nice time when visiting to Orange.

When I packed up their clothes I didn't realize I packed them both a checkered shirt to wear on Thanksgiving so they were kind of matchy matchy.

 Jace was over the picture taking
These 4 cuties! All with different personalities!

 My Pappy going for a ride in my uncle's porsche. He was loving life!
Dane and Hadley went for a 2mph ride around the cemetery that is besides my grandparent's house.  

This chair got a lot of love.  First Dane gave the girls several rides all throughout the house.  Then the girl's dad, Patrick who is a big kid would spin them super fast in the chair.  It was hilarious, and Dane kept begging to go faster and faster.  

The Friday after Thanksgiving we drove home and relaxed the rest of the day.  Saturday morning we had a special visitor stop in that will be here until Santa comes.  More about that next time!