Monday, November 3, 2014

Everything Halloween

We had a great week and weekend! It was filled with tons of Halloween fun!  This is my favorite time of the year.  I love love love October - December.  Everything about it.  
This is going to be another loooong post.  Hang on tight.  

We were disappointed that our church didn't do a Halloween festival this year.  But, last Sunday our church had a costume parade for all the kiddos, so Dane got to reveal what he was going to be for Halloween.  A Black ninja! He had talked about being this since the summer, so I knew there was no way he would budge when it came time to buy a costume.  He knew exactly what he wanted the ninja to look like. I had to google it because I had no idea.  
 I wasn't sure if his full costume would be too scary for church so we left his mask, sword and flying stars at home.  But, there was 4 ninjas just in his class! Popular costume this year, I guess.  He was actually embarrassed walking down in front of everyone.  The parents were all cheering, and he got this bashful grin on his face as he was passing us.  HaHa 

Normal after school brother loving.  Jman is constantly getting a head rub.  

Monday night we went to Top Golf for an event called Putts and Pumpkins.  It was a Halloween event for kids, and it was a lot of fun.  Dane had an absolute blast.  We paid $20 and Dane got to wear his costume, golf for 2 hours, eat all the hot dogs, tater tots, and desserts he wanted, play Halloween games, get his face painted, go on a Halloween scavenger hunt and get candy.  It was a fun fun night. He really likes to hit the golf balls, and when he followed Kevin's instructions on the accurate technique he would hit the ball really far.  I'm looking forward to getting him in golf lessons next year! I think he will really like it.   

 We got there a little early, so Jman got to hang out in the front seat instead of being cooped up in his car seat.  All smiles.  

 One of the workers was also dressed up like a ninja.  Dane thought he might be a real ninja.  

 Dane had more tater tots than the law allowed.  He seriously ate tater tots the entire time we were there. Jace ate his hand the entire time we were there.  HaHa

 Dane asked the face painter if she would make him a half boy half skeleton.  So, she obliged.  He loved it, and was not happy about having to wash it off for school.

 His mean skeleton face.  

Dane doing his daily reading.  He is suppose to pick a "whacky" way to read each night for school, but he really isn't into doing the whacky part of it.  He just wants to find a spot and read, not do something silly while reading.  He really enjoys reading, most nights will read way past the 20 minute mark.  Sometimes, he will ask if Jace can listen to him.  

Always so happy.  When he smiles he smiles BIG!

Wednesday evening we carved pumpkins.  Well, Kevin and Dane carved pumpkins.  I drilled mine.  I tried making Dane and Jace's names in the pumpkin, but it ended up looking like a 5 year old did it.  Ha  Dane was grossed out with emptying the inside of the pumpkin.  He thought the slimy strings were disgusting, but he loved carving it.  Jace enjoyed sitting in his chair and watching.  While we were carving it ended up getting a little chilly outside, so I had to find some socks and a jacket for the little dude.  The pumpkin kit that Dane used on his came with glow in the dark paint that was suppose to show the face, but it didn't really glow in the dark very well so you couldn't see what it really looked like in the dark.  

Some wildly cute pictures of a wildly cute little guy.  

Thursday was Kevin's birthday.  The two of us celebrated a couple weekends ago when we went to the music festival.  But, I still wanted to make the day special for him.  That morning I brought a basket filled with all of his favorite snacks to his work and had it delivered to him.  Then Jace and I brought him lunch and ate with him.  I attempted to make him some cupcakes.  Dane wanted me to make him skeleton cupcakes to look like the movie The nightmare before Christmas. I tried, but decorating cakes isn't my forte.  Ha They looked like a child did them.  Once everyone got home we went and had dinner at PF Chang's.  
Dane was so disappointed that Kevin picked there to eat.  He was really hoping that Kevin would have picked IHOP. HAHAHA and then when I was trying to convince him that he would like PF Chang's, and that they had chicken "nuggets" he said "well, we should just eat at Chick Fil-a then".  Hilarious.  
The pictures are really dark, shouldn't have used my cell phone at the restaurant. 

How cute does he look in his jammies?? 

This was when he was all smiles.... before the worst night/day EVER!! Man oh man we had a really rough night.  Jace would not sleep at all.  He slept about a total of 2 hours.  He would fall asleep for about 15 minutes or a little longer and then wake up and we would start the process all over again.  And then Friday (Halloween) came around and at first he was all smiles.  Giggling and smiling all big almost like he was laughing that he kept me up all night. 

 But, then as the day went on it went downhill.  He was a hot mess crying the entire day.  I couldn't get him content no matter what I tried.  He didn't take a single nap all day.  We were struggling.  I was counting down the time that Kevin would be home and I could hand him off.  It was a BAD BAD day.  I haven't felt that much anxiety since I worked in Hell.  I'm thankful that in almost 5 months there has only been one of those type of days.  By the time Kevin and Dane got home I was on the brink of insanity. I had tears, and my blood pressure was through the roof.  My heart was pounding, and I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest from all the anxiety.  We had plans to go spend Halloween with our friends, so that was the only thing that was getting me through the day.  

It seemed like as soon as everyone got home and we were ready to go he suddenly wasn't a hot mess anymore.  I'm sure Kevin thought I was crazy, and didn't understand why I was saying it was a bad day.  We managed to get some cute pictures of the boys in their costumes before heading over to the Gonzalez crib.  
Dane was a ninja, and Jace was Baby Mario.  
Baby Mario... adorable.  Seriously adorable.  
Dane was all about doing some ninja moves.

We got to Christy's and hung out for a while until it got dark and then we headed out so the kids could trick or treat.  The kids had a blast, and got way too much candy.  The adults had fun too! Halloween on a Friday was so much more fun! We didn't have to worry about school or work the next day.  We could enjoy the night and not feel rushed to get to bed.  It was a fun night, and it made me forget about my bad day! Trick or treating with friends is the way to go! 

 The 3 amigos.  
A Librarian, a ninja and a scary scream dude.

 Graveyard cake!

Saturday Dane had a baseball game.  I didn't get any pictures from the game except 1.  It was pretty chilly at the game, so I was trying to keep Jace cuddled up in a blanket.  Dane had a great game.  Had 2 really good hits, and got a run.  The season is coming to an end.  We have one more game, and then fall ball will be over and we will have a few months off before spring starts.  
Dane was a cute baseball player, and then pretty soon after we got home he surprised me and had hit puberty.  :)

Dane got invited to an outdoor movie watching party by a friend from his class that was Saturday night.  He has been so excited about it. He wanted me to take some pictures of him because he said he looked cool in his jeans.

  It was a really neat set up.  The party was in the neighborhood culdesac with a projector showing a Halloween movie on a big tarp.  All the neighbors were invited along with kids from Dane's class.  They had hot dogs, popcorn, nachos and tons of desserts.  It was really cold that evening, so they set up a fire and the kids were able to do smores while drinking hot chocolate.  It was a great way to spend the 1st day of November! I loved that it was so cold, I stayed close to the fire to stay warm. Dane had a blast, and really had a great time with his friends from school.  

Sunday afternoon I took Dane to the movies to see Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.  Very cute movie! Then we just relaxed after a very busy week!

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