Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm back!

Well, I have totally fallen off the face of the earth. Blogger slacker at it's finest.  It's becoming a yearly tradition for November to hit and for me to get so far behind that it becomes completely overwhelming to catch up.  Here we are December 1st and I havn't blogged at all about November. And I have tons to blog about.  Tons!!!! It was a busy month.  (Don't be sirprised if I back date all these posts coming up so they will be in the correct archive date, I'm anal like that).  Last year I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy and felt so terrible and exhausted that I just didn't have the energy to post.  I don't have the same excuse this year, but I think I have a couple justifiable excuses. Ha!! 

One... as October ends I am in full blown holiday mode trying to get everything ready for the actual holidays.  I'm an early bird!!!  I feel so much better getting all the Christmas stuff taken care way before I need to, so December I can actually relax and enjoy the season.  So, I've been busy knocking out all my shopping, and getting organized for everything Christmas and haven't had time to post unless I stay up late after the kids are in bed, which isn't going to happen because again I'm an early bird, not a night owl.  :)
Two... In this last month JMan has totally changed from an infant to a full on baby.  Whatever that means!! Ha  We are past the newborn stage where he just eats and sleeps and is ok laying in the same spot for a long time, and doesn't need to be entertained.  Insert me sobbing here.  :( He's getting big so fast.  Makes me sad. He is a bit more needy these days, not in a bad way but he requires a lot more attention.  He gets bored easily so it's a day of changing him to different parts of the house every 10 minutes.  Me holding him, sitting on the floor with toys, bouncing in the bouncer, sitting in the high chair, laying on the playmat, and repeat.  And if I'm lucky there are a couple cat naps thrown into the mix.  So, I haven't had much free time to sit down and blog.  Today Jace actually took an hour and half nap and I thought about trying to get on here and blog a little, but then I decided to watch a lifetime Christmas movie instead.  HA! Tis the season!!

This will be a doozie I bet! I have sooooooo many pictures that I have taken in November.  No surprise there!! So, I'm just going to blog until I get tired and then call it a day.  But, I want to get caught up soon, because I know December will be even busier and the pictures will keep piling on!! So, bear with me!!! I will hopefully get caught up before my kids go off to college.  


November 4th Jman turned 5 months!! I know! Insane that it's already been 5 months.  Well... now almost 6, but let's pretend that I'm posting right after he turned the big 5! 

5 months seemed to be a big turning point for the little dude.  He suddenly became a lot stronger where he was able to sit up by himself if you positioned him just right for quite a long time.  He would be so proud of himself sitting there on his bottom for a good 20-30 seconds smiling all big before either leaning down to eat his toes and being too top heavy and falling over or getting too excited about his balance that he ended up falling backwards.  But, each day he has gotten stronger and stronger and can hold his balance for longer.  We still put pillows behind him and around him just to break the fall when he does tumble over, but as the days go on he is really able to hold his self up for quite a long time.   He has started using his hands more by holding on to toys when you hand them to him.  In the last couple weeks he has started really reaching for toys or anything that is front of him.  It's been neat to watch how he had no control over his hands earlier and as the days pass he seems to deliberately move his hands to get what he is reaching for or to hold onto stuff and of course bring it to his mouth. 

 I have no idea what we were thinking in the beginning when we thought Jace was going to be MR Serious! We were so wrong with his personality.  I'm guessing he just hadn't learned to smile yet.   He is the happiest baby I have ever been around.  He seriously is smiling and giggling all day long.  We basically just have to make eye contact with him and he will smile so big.  He smiles at everyone all the time if they look at him. When we go out and about he is constantly looking at people and then giving them huge grins when they show him attention. Huge flirt!! It's crazy, there are so many times during the day that I am looking at something else and can feel him staring at me, and then I look over and then he gives me the biggest smile and his little eyes are twinkling.  I love him so much.   He really brings me so much joy as cliche as that sounds.  

 Dane had his last game of the fall season on the 8th.  We have a few months off before the spring season starts back up.  I'm so happy that we signed Dane up for fall ball so he could get comfortable with how coach pitch works before the spring season which is 10 times more competitive than fall ball from what I hear. Coach pitch is soooooo different than tee-ball.  Fall ball was suppose to be the relaxed season, so it makes me a tad nervous for spring to start.  But, Dane had a great season, learned so much and improved every game! And, he loved it and wants to play again which is the most important thing.  Dane kept a positive attitude the ENTIRE season, I was really impressed even in the beginning when he couldn't seem to get the timing down and didn't get a hit at all those first 4 games.  I was so scared that he was going to get discouraged and not want to play.  But, he didn't.  Not at all.  He had a huge smile every game and after each game he would talk about how he had so much fun.  Something clicked after those first 4 games.  Maybe it was because Kevin started taking him to batting cages or maybe it was because he got a new bat that had a bigger barrel (?? No idea what that even means HA), but you could see major improvements with every game that he played.  

The last game was his best game yet.  Every game he played he seemed to do better than the previous game, which is great.  It was really neat to watch him improve and get better and understand the game more and more with every game that he played.  His team was filled with kids who were already 7 years old and who had all played coach pitch before, which to me could be very intimidating.  But, Dane really tried hard and wanted to get better! 

The game started off with Dane being the first batter.   He batted harder than he had ever batted.  It was his best hit.  He made it to first base and suddenly the alarm went off informing us that thunder or lightening had been heard and we had to evacuate the field.  So, we sat in our cars for about 30 minutes waiting to hear if the game would be canceled or if they would be able to continue.  We got to continue on and we were able to start where we had finished with Dane on first.   He got 4 runs this game, and another hit but didn't make it to first in time before being tackled.  Yes, tackled.  Dane was so put off that the kid actually threw him to the ground instead of just touching him with the ball.  It was quite funny as he was walking back into the dug out.  I'm sure the entire town could hear him loudly exclaiming "CAN YOU BELIEVE HE JUST TACKLED ME??? THAT WAS SO RUDE".  Hilarious!!  We ended up winning by several runs.  We were so proud of our team, because they worked hard all season.  We saw so much improvement from the whole team throughout the entire season.  I'm happy to have a few months off before starting back.  It's a baseball life!

 So much personality.  So much zest for life.  

Jace checking out his new shopping cart cover.  First time to ride sitting in the cart without being in his car seat.  And first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant.  I think he liked it.  

On the day of Dane's last game we went to 2 birthday parties at the same place for 2 of his friends from school.  One was right before his game, so he had to wear his baseball attire and the other was later that evening.  Both parties were held at the laser tag venue here in Cypress.  Dane loves that place, so I have a strong feeling that we are going to have his birthday party there as well.  I got to meet more moms of boys in his class, and I got to hear all about how Dane isn't the only boy that talks non stop.  Reassuring for sure! Ha

This kid loves to read.  We ran by Barnes and Nobles and he asked if he could just sit here and read these comic books he had found while Kevin looked around. 

One morning I woke up bright and early to Dane standing right next to me.  It was over an hour earlier than I normally wake him up, so I told him that it wasn't time to get up yet.  I thought he was going to go lay back in his bed.  Well, my alarm went off and I got up and walked out of my room to go wake him up and I found him in at the dining room table reading his library book.  He said he didn't want to sleep anymore, so after I told him I was still sleeping he just decided to read.  He sat there quietly for over an hour reading and probably could have sat there longer if it wasn't time to get ready for school. 

I found this little gem.  This is hilarious.  I guess that pretty much sums it up. Ha

Well, it's past my bed time!!! More to come!!

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