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More November this & thats

Continuing on with catching up.  Part 2 of November! 

November Happenings~

Dane's school had a language arts night/book fair.  The theme of the evening was medieval times and there were different stations that we had to check off through out the school.  Dane was most excited about the book fair station.  He already knew exactly what books he wanted to get.  

 We walked into the music room to do the activity there, and as Dane was participating in that I just happened to be skimming the room looking around when I saw this!
Proud Mom moment for sure.  Dane is always talking about music class, he enjoys the days he gets to go.  His music teacher is the sweetest lady, I got to know her better at one of the birthday parties we attended because her son had also been invited.  From what I've heard she really makes music class fun.  

Jman is hard to get pictures that aren't blurry when he is in his bouncer now.  He loves to bounce real hard, his little legs go to town.  It's so cute!! He giggles and laughs the entire time.  

Can we say ADORABLE!! I could just squeeze him. 
 One of our adventures out and about shopping.  Hobby Lobby had an aisle of fun stuff like hats.  I died when I put this on him.  Hilarious and sooo cute.  HAHA!

Dane is really good about showing the baby attention when he gets home from school.  Especially if Jace is getting fussy and I'm trying to prep dinner.  I'll have Dane go over and "entertain" him until I can either pick him up or Kevin walks in the door and I hand him off.  He will talk to him and show him toys.  He's really sweet to him, it's so cute to watch him interact with him.  
Sometimes, he gets a little overboard with trying to entertain him with his toys and his tray will be piled high with every baby toy we have.  

My mom came into town one weekend for a couple days to do some serious shopping.  She came up on a Friday morning and we got all her Christmas shopping done before it was time to go get Dane off the bus.  Poor little Jman was so tired from the in and out of his car seat and all the stores.  He ended up passing out right as we pulled into the Hobby Lobby parking lot, and I thought for sure that he would wake up when I took him out of his car seat.  But, surprisingly he didn't.  He was passed out cold! I managed to lay him on his shopping cart cover and he slept the entire time we shopped at Hobby Lobby! We shopped and shopped and took a break at Gringos before going home.  Then Saturday we ventured off just the two of us for a day shopping at the Nutcracker Market.  All the years I have lived in the Houston area I had never been to the Nutcracker Market! I know, Crazy! It's a little overwhelming with how big the venue is and how many shops there are.  We had a great time, even though it was insanely packed.  People were everywhere.  I'm not sure it's something I would want to do every year because of the crowds and the merchandise is not cheap but I loved getting to spend quality time with my mom! We had a good time! 

...and just because

Dane has been talking about Dopey for a couple months now, wishing that it was time for him to come visit.  He wrote him a letter one day... after he had had a talkative day at school.  :)

We started Christmas decorating pretty early this year.  I think we started the 2nd week of November.  I worked on some of it while the boys were gone at school and work, and then it took us a few days to complete the tree.  Dane helped Kevin put together the tree one evening with the help of christmas music, chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate.  Then it took Kevin a while to do the lights, so we had to wait before decorating until the next day.  Dane was all about the tree this year.  He wanted to help with everything.  
 Jace just supervised.

And because babies naked in the bathtub... not much is cuter.  Jace will no longer just lay back and relax in the bathtub.  He wants to be sitting up, splashing and playing with his toes.  

We have a sweet friend who passed down a bag full of hats and an adorable baseball jacket that her twin boys could no longer use.  We had to do a little photoshoot with all the hats. She even had a SHSU BearKat hat! Eat Em Up Kats!  He looks so ADORABLE in hats I can barely stand it! So stinking cute!
Dane's school had a Thanksgiving Feast the last week of school before their holiday break.  Of course Dane did not want to eat what the cafeteria was serving for lunch... can't blame him neither did I! So, we had our own little feast from good ol chick fil-a!  So, Dane thought I was the best mom ever when I rolled in with those white and red bags! :) HA!
 As you can see in MOST of my pictures on this post When Dane is asked to smile sometimes he uses his awkward smile! I'm always like smile normal! And then he gets huffy and says I am smiling normal.  No. no you are not.  Sigh! It's his forced unnatural smile.  :)

My older cousin Toby came into Cypress for a couple nights for a work training, so we were able to meet up with him one night to catch up.  He lives in Colorado, so I haven't seen him in a couple years.  He was always one of my favorite older cousins growing up, he his a lot of fun to be around and just a great guy.  We had such a great time chit chatting and laughing about a lot of funny family memories.  Dane was over the moon when we walked into Toby's mom's house and she had a table with a bucket of legos on it.  She has grandchildren that she watches quite a bit, so she has lots of toys at her house.  He couldn't believe that an adult would have legos at their house.  Funny!  These cell phone pictures are lousy :(
 see awkward smile

Another Lego Club meeting

I'll end this post on this sweet picture.  

Whew! Almost done with November!! 

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