Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A break from the Christmas

I forgot to post about Jman turning the big 6 months!! Insert me sobbing here.  He turned 6 months on the 4th of December.   6 months already!! Can not believe it.  It's been the best and the fastest 6 months ever! 
He is just the sweetest thing.  Still really only cries when he's hungry or super tired.  Or... when you try shopping with him.  Ha He's not a fan, just like the other boys in this house.  

He has gotten really good at sitting up, but will reach will far and end up falling over.  He is almost turning over from his back to his stomach, will get all the way over to his side but can't seem to do that last little part.  He has gotten a tad better with sleeping.  We moved him to his crib upstairs the day we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, and most nights he will sleep from around 9-4, then wake up and eat and go back to sleep till about 6 or 7.  But, just when you are praising him for having good nights he will turn you upside down and wake up every 2 hours.  Ha 

 little booger shocked the crap out of me when he did this!! I was able to catch it on my cell phone, but couldn't get him to do it again.  

We are in the beginning of the long stage where everything goes to his mouth.  Dane is starting to see this and is in panic mode that Jace is going to eat his legos.  You can not leave him anywhere now unless he is on the floor.  If he is sitting on the couch or bed he is reaching and moving and all over the place.  He can "scoot" backwards when laying on his tummy.  He is able to turn complete circles and push backwards with his arms when he is on his stomach, so in his crib he is never facing the same direction he started off in when I go to get him.  I think crawling will not be too far away!! EEKK! I'm not ready for that, and I know that Dane isn't either!! 

"Yo lady! You gonna give me some more sweet potatoes or what?!?!?!"

He loves to be sang too,  and that's part of our magic we use to get him to sleep.  When you are holding him and singing he gets still and calm.  Maybe he will be the only one in the house with musical talent. 

He will be going on his first plane ride very soon, so we are hoping that he is a good traveler.  Fingers crossed! 
Why he can not be left alone unless he is buckled into whatever he is in! He can now use his arms and pull himself down out of this swing!! Hilarious!!

He had his 6 month checkup and all was well.  Unfortunately, he had to get several shots again which is not fun.  But, he is growing and doing everything that he should be doing.  

Here is his 6 month stats:

18lbs 5 oz  (66%)
26 inches long (22%)

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