Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas fun

18 Days till Christmas:

The Sunday before yesterday we went to a free community event at a local church in our area called a Night in Bethlehem.  This was a really neat event, and Dane really enjoyed it and learned so much about the real Christmas story.  The church did a great job with portraying what Bethlehem would really be like.  There were about 20 different stations that showed different aspects of what life was like back in the day.  Dane got to "weave" a burlap bag, make a candle, try different foods that you would have eaten, make and smell different spices like frankincense and myrrh, dress up like a roman solider, and he even got to meet King Herod and tell him that he did NOT know where baby Jesus was.  :)  It was neat, and I was so happy that we went.  Just Dane and I went because it was pretty chilly, and I didn't think Jace would be able to make it the entire 2 hours since he didn't have a nap that afternoon.  But, when we got home Dane told Kevin in detail about every station.  He really learned a lot, and was so intrigued by a lot of what he had learned.  

Dane couldn't stop giggling when King Herod was telling him who he was, and all that he knew about a baby named Jesus.  He knew that the King would be asking him if he knew where the baby was, and he had been told previously if he was asked he must say NO! So, Dane sat there just a giggling waiting to be asked.  And, poor thing can not keep a secret to save his life.  So, he first said no that he didn't know where Jesus was, but it quickly turned to " I know, but I'm not suppose to tell you".  Hilarious!! I love his honesty.  

That next morning Dane woke up to Dopey hiding behind a note in his stocking.  It was a mission for Dane to complete that day after school.   I can't even tell you how excited Dane was to do this.  We ran to Starbucks and grabbed a hot chocolate and then brought it to a Salvation Army worker at Hobby Lobby.  You know when they say that when you bless someone, you actually get blessed as well.  Well, it's so true.  Seeing how thankful and surprised she was just made my day, and totally made Dane's.  I know that what we did was really tiny, but it was just a small way to be kind to someone.  When we were in the car heading back to the car he said "you know I don't feel like myself.  I feel joyful".  HA! I didn't even know that he knew what joyful meant, but he was smiling ear to ear and  it really made his heart feel good to do something nice for someone, and to see how grateful she was.  Dopey has never had a better idea!! 

17 Days till Christmas:
I have to put all these pictures of the 17 card because it's just too funny.  Jace is now constantly reaching for ANYTHING that is in his sight.  It's hilarious.  He will bend over in half trying to reach anything that is lower than him, and will reach so far if he is sitting on his bottom that he will fall into his stomach.  It doesn't matter what it is, if you are holding something he is reaching for it. Sometimes he will reach and grab your chin or nose or hair. It doesn't matter.  Everything is FAIR GAME!! It was funny, Dane was trying to look at the card and Jace was going for it, and even got hold of Dane's ear trying to get it! Dane was cracking up. HAHA Cute little booger!! 

This night was a really low key night.  We watched the movie Elf, and had popcorn.   

Dane cuddling with Jace before getting all clean and in his pjs for movie night.  

A little bonding time before bed

Dopey pulled another funny.  

16 Days till Christmas:
Another low key evening.  I made peppermint marshmallow dippers and hot chocolate and we watched Polar Express.  Dane is all about movie nights, he is really easily entertained.  Watching Christmas movies with a lit Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season as well.  

I love my sweater mug that I found at Target! Super cute! 

 These two love each other so much!!

Dopey and a crew of lego men got into a snowball fight.

15 Days till Christmas:

Random Act of Kindness Day! We made oreo balls and went and delivered them to different people who serve the public in our area.  When Dane got home and flipped the card his eyes lite up.  He was thrilled that we were about to go do another "nice mission".  I didn't get pictures of all the places we went to because Jace started getting fussy and wanted to be held, but we had so much fun delivering these treats.  It made my heart so happy to see Dane so excited about it.  We went through the drive through at the bank and stuffed as many treat bags as we could in the container, and Dane had fun sending the container up in the tube.  He shouted Merry Christmas through the speaker, and told them when they asked what it was that they were oreo balls, and they tasted really good.  :) Then we went to the post office and gave treats to all the workers behind the counter, and then Dane went to the package door and rang the bell and gave that man one as well.  He tried telling Dane that he was Santa's cousin, but he wasn't buying it.  HaHa We also went to a volunteer fire station, and then left one in our mailbox for our postal guy, and Dane gave one to his bus driver the next morning.  Fun fun adventure! 

Dopey worshiping baby Jesus! He left a small little container of m&ms with a Christmas poem that I thought was neat!! 

M&M Christmas Poem
As you hold these candies in your hand and turn them you will see, the "M" becomes a "W", an "E", and then a "3".
E is for East where the star shines so bright
M is for the manager where the baby Jesus slept at night
3 is for the wise men bearing gifts with which they come
W is for worship, Hallelujah Praise his name!

Almost Christmas time!

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