Sunday, December 21, 2014

Falalalala lalalala

14 Days till Christmas:

 Game night! I baked some cookies and we played Christmas memory and Bingo, and then Kevin and Dane played a few rounds of monopoly empire.  Jace sat in the middle of pillows and supervised to make sure no one cheated.  

He can sit up by himself really good these days, but still flings himself back sometimes when he gets excited so he gets sat in front of pillows quite often.

 Dane and Kevin thought it would be funny to give Jace a headband.  A halo if you will.  

Dopey reverted back to his baby days.  Guess he was a little jealous that there is a baby in the house.  We caught him in a  diaper swinging with a bottle.  Let me tell you that Dane thought this was the most hilarious thing ever.  He told us that Dopey is crazy sometimes.  And then curiosity got the best of him, and he wanted to know so bad what the red drink in the bottle that Dopey was drinking.  Did you know that water from the North pole is red?? I didn't either.  But, that's the conclusion that Dane came up with when he realized that it was water in the bottle.  

How Jace felt about Dopey drinking a bottle and in his swing.

  Unfortunately we had a family emergency so I had to go to Orange for several days. While I was away Kevin took over the Christmas duties for me.  My step dad passed out and hit his head really hard causing a severe brain bleed.  He had to have emergency surgery on his brain, and then a 2nd surgery to remove part of his skull to help with the swelling.  The last week and half has been a roller coaster with his prognosis.  He is currently still on a ventilator, the bleeding and swelling has stopped but currently has pneumonia which was a set back.  But, he is improving! The prayers are working!
And yes, this is another brain injury in our family.  It's just crazy that this is happening again. 

So, while I was away...

13 Days till Christmas:
Paint Ornaments
I told Kevin that this was going to be super easy, and wouldn't require him to have to do anything to crazy.  I had already bought several ornaments from Hobby Lobby, so I just pulled those out and the crate of paint and he would do the rest! Dane likes to paint, and do cheesy crafts like this so I knew he would like this.  

I found this glitter tape that I had accidently bought a few years ago thinking it was Christmas ribbon.  So, I left it for Kevin to use for Dopey.  

12 days till Christmas:

I rearranged the cards so Kevin would have easy things to do while I was out of town.  On this day the card read shop for each other. I had originally thought we would make it into a fun day where we all went together and I would sneak Dane away to find something for Kevin and Jace, and then Kevin do the same and then we would meet back up to have a fun dessert or something.  But, we weren't able to do that so Kevin just took the boys to find a gift for me.  I told Dane that when I got back in town at some point I would take him to find a present for Kevin and Jace.  
This is the only picture that Kevin took of this adventure.  

Just a random picture of me with my niece at the hospital.  It was a rough rough weekend filled with ups and downs of emotions.  But, we got to hang out a lot because it was just the two of us staying at their house.

And a random picture of Jman that Kevin sent me while I was gone

Dopey got sucked up into the vacuum while I was gone.  Dane was very concerned that Kevin was going to vacuum that day and hurt Dopey.  Pretty sure Dopey was going to be just fine since I was gone, and I'm the one who vacuums. :)

11 days till Christmas:

Grinch Night!
Kevin let Dane pull the card that morning and he was so excited and ready for me to get home.  He loves this tradition that we do every year.  I didn't get home from Orange until that evening, so he had to wait a long while but the second I got home he was begging to start the fun.  No rest for the weary.  Man, I was exhausted from being at the hospital those past few days and mentally drained. But, I whipped up the grinch punch and cookies and basically did not move from the couch while we watched the Grinch movie.  I normally get lots of pictures from this night, but I was emotionally drained and didn't have much energy.

Dopey decided he would be funny and take down the stockings and hang underwear there.  Dane told me that Dopey is silly sometimes.  Then he got closer to the underwear and started looking closely, and said "Wait, are those my underwear????" then he got embarrassed.

10 Days till Christmas:

We went to Color Me Mine to make a Christmas plate.  I'll be honest this was totally for me!! Ha I was wanting a Christmas plate with both Jace and Dane's footprints.  I haven't gotten it back yet, but I'm anxious to see it after they have done the fire torch on it and the colors are brighter and the plate is shiny with the gloss on it.  Dane helped me with the plate, and he really wanted to paint another piece of pottery while I finished the letters on the plate.  So, nothing says Merry Christmas like painting a shark. Yes, he picked out a shark to paint.  Ha
I think the plate is going to look super cute once they have done their magic on it!!

I caught Dane snooping around the tree.  He's very excited about Christmas, and shook each present and tried guessing what they were.  He wasn't right about any of them! :)

A little Jenga fun for Dopey

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