Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's almost Christmas!!!

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow! December has flown by!! 
This Christmas has been a bit of a downer with my step dad's accident and him still being on the ventilator in ICU.  We are currently in Orange and have spent the last few days here being with him and my mom at the hospital.  We are leaving sometime tomorrow on Christmas Eve to head back to Cypress to go to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then to get ready for Santa's arrival.  I hate that my mom will spending Christmas in the hospital, and that the year is ending on a heavy scary and emotional note.  So, I'm trying to stay in the Christmas spirit, but honestly it's hard to be doing all this Christmasy stuff when I have all this on my mind.  But, seeing Dane's love for Christmas and how he gets excited each day to do our countdown has definitely helped!
I'm going try and get caught up on this ol blog! 

9 Days till Christmas:
Do you want to build a... gingerbread house?
You thought I was going to say snowman didn't you?!?! Ha Dane isn't really a fan of the movie Frozen! Whew! Because after hearing the songs every time I turned around I was happy that I have a house of boys that didn't want to hear those songs over and over! I feel for you moms of girls! HAHA
Anyway, we decorated a gingerbread village one night after school.  I bought a set that had 4 little gingerbread houses instead of one big one.  More candy went into Dane's mouth then on the houses, but that's expected! Jace is doing a lot of supervising this holiday season! :) Dane wanted him to sit right next to him and watch. 

 Just a random picture of Jman sitting in Kevin's office chair

 Dane never disappoints when I ask him to get the baby some toys.

Dopey went down a ride down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper.  
Don't mind the other toys... I tend to put Dane's toys on the stairs for him to take upstairs when I find random stuff.  This was on a light day! 

8 Days till Christmas:
Special Dinner- French toast and peppermint candy cane milk shakes
Dane is all about eating breakfast food for dinner, so I knew he would be thrilled to eat some good ol yummy breakfast for dinner.  He was even more thrilled when he realized he was going to be able to have his dessert as his dinner also! He thought that was a special treat to drink a milk shake as his dinner! I found this recipe on Pinterest (of course), and it was really good!! 

Here's the recipe:
3 cups of vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 cups of milk
1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
1 tablespoon crushed candy canes

Blend together in a mixer, and top with about a teaspoon of crushed candy canes and whipped cream and waaala!

I had found a bag of already crushed candy canes in the Christmas section at Michaels.  It tasted so yummy!! Just the perfect amount of peppermint in the milk shake. 

Dopey got into my paints and painted a phrase from the movie Elf.  

7 Days till Christmas:
Kids Crazy Christmas Show!!
Our church puts on a free Christmas show every year that is a lot of fun for the kids.  

This is just random, but super cute.  I can't leave Jace anywhere anymore, because even though he can't crawl he is able to roll and turn completely around and reach and fall.  So, I was putting away about 5 loads of laundry and needed somewhere to put him.  What better spot then a laundry basket.  Ha 
He just sat in there playing with the single socks I had thrown in there that were missing their matches.  

Dane had his class party at school on Friday, their last day before Christmas break.  He had so much fun! His class got to eat lots of treats, decorate a gingerbread man, play some Christmas games, participate in a sing along, listen to his principal read some Christmas stories and a get a special present from his teacher.  It was a fun party, and a great way to start his Christmas break.  Parents were given releases if they wanted to check their child out early, so of course Dane was super excited to leave after the party ended.  

 This is Brianna... the only girl in his class that he claims is his friend.  He talks about her all the time, but will get mad if you ask him if she is his girlfriend.  :) But, they are best buds.  They sit next to each other, and he is always talking about her.  She's def in his top 5 of friends this year.  

Wow.  No words for his oh so pretty gingerbread man.
 Mrs Harmon is the most patient and sweetest woman I have ever met.  She has been a real blessing this year.  She keeps Dane focused and challenged and has taught him so much.  Such a nice lady, Dane just loves her and first grade!

 Dane and his buddy Aiden

 Dane, Josh and Van

I didn't get as far as I wanted... but this girl is exhausted.  I gotta call it a night! 

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