Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

20 days till Christmas:
Friday after school we pulled the card and it was to go see Santa at Bass Pro and then come home and watch the movie The Santa Clause.  Dane was excited because he loves that Bass Pro has fun stuff to do, and he was looking forward to telling Santa what he wanted.  Before we left he made Santa a picture and attached a piece of candy for him on it, and grabbed the list that he had created for Jace.  I love that Bass Pro gives you a free picture, and that they have fun activities for the kids while you wait in line that is all free as well.  It's been the same Santa every year that we go as well, which I think makes it more special.  For once we went at a time that there was no crowd, guess Friday evening isn't a popular time to go.  Dane gave Santa his picture he made and told him a list of things that he wanted to get Jace, and then one lego set for himself.  I thought it was sweet that he made sure to include Jace in his talk with Santa.  These pictures are ones I took from the sidelines, not the picture that Bass Pro gave us.  I'll try and scan those soon! We spent some time there letting Dane do everything he wanted to do before coming home, throwing a pizza in the oven and then watching the movie The Santa Clause.  It was a good night!

Dane had drawn a candy cane for Dopey, so he had that draped around his neck and changed the screensaver on Kevin's computer to a picture of him.  

19 days till Christmas:
Saturday was our big Christmas event for the season.  The last couple of years we had gone to Santa's Wonderland in College Station, but decided to try something new this year.  We went to the Festival of Lights in Moody Gardens.  We got there around 3:00 which was plenty of time for Dane to ride the ice slide about 100 times and for us to go ice skating before it got real dark and we walked through the light part.  We had a great time, Dane had an absolute blast and told us that this was his favorite night.  He loved the ice slide, and really loved ice skating.  Kevin and I would switch off with the baby while the other skated with Dane.  I hate to admit it but I was the worst one out of us 3 on the ice.  It had been years since I've skated, and I just couldn't seem to find a groove.  I was shaky the entire time, couldn't seem to get my balance.  Dane did this weird thing where he was pretty much running on the ice, picking up his feet real high and then when he would get close enough to a wall and then he would slide into it.  We kept telling him to not pick up his feet, but to glide but he was having fun "stomping" the ice and then sliding right into the wall.  He would go pretty fast too. It was working for him, because he was doing much better than I was! He told me that his dad was much better at skating than I was, but that it was ok I just needed practice.  HA  Yeah, I was struggling.  But, it was a lot of fun.  The festival of lights was really neat.  It was a good long walk through hundreds of lights. There was lots of pretty displays!  The only problem was that the lights part was right on the water, so it was extremely windy and we were freezing.  So glad we went, it was a fun night!!

 Again... Kevin is standing really close to Jace, you just can't see him in the picture.  Just want to be clear that I am not leaving my baby on the high counter and stepping back to take his picture.  
Jace's facial expression... HAHAHA!!

 These pics don't do the lights justice! 

We had a long walk back to our car, and Kevin was holding Jace because he had fallen asleep.  Dane was walking so slow claiming that his feet were hurting him.  So, after a few minutes of begging Dane to hurry because it was so cold I finally just picked him up and put him in the baby stroller.  HAHA I'm not sure what was harder... listening to Dane complain over and over that his feet hurt and him walking negative 14mph or pushing him in this thing!! He was so heavy and since his weight was over to the right I had a hard time keeping it straight.  :)

Dopey has been more interactive with Dane this year.  And Dane is all about it! He loves that Dopey is writing him messages!  Dopey has grown up a tad, and hasn't been quite as mischievous as previous years.  

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