Friday, December 26, 2014

Let the Christmas continue

Before I get to the countdown... just some random "don'cha love these moments" that I forgot to add from my cell phone on the last post.  

Don'cha love when your kid is at choir practice and you walk in to find him being a total goof ball with other boys, and being silly and not paying attention whatsoever.  And you think is he going to do this on stage???

Don'cha love when you send your kid with a Christmas gift for his bus driver, and as he is getting on the bus you notice it's a sub.  And then you see him hand the gift to a lady we have never seen before.  And then don'cha love when your kid gets home and you are hoping that the sub driver had told him she would give it to his real bus driver because you really like his bus driver and felt like she needed a Christmas gift, only to find out she was like "ooooooh thank you, that is so sweet I love it" and claimed it as her own.  But, however I do love that maybe that sub needed a smile that day, and maybe we blessed her by giving it to her.  

And don'cha love when you have finished all your shopping, and everything is wrapped and ready to go and then your child decides that he needs to write another letter to Santa and it doesn't include a single thing that you have bought??  But, I let that go in one ear and out the other because I was done, and there was no turning back!  Spoiler alert... Dane was happy as he could be Christmas morning, and hasn't mentioned that 2nd letter not one time.  

Now back to the scheduled hoopla!

6 Days till Christmas:
After Dane's party at school we got home super early and had some time before Kevin got home.  We had planned on going back to Orange Friday, but last minute just decided that instead of going for a day and half and having to come back in time for Dane to sing that Sunday at church we would wait and leave as soon as church was over.  When Dane painted those ornaments a few days before I had originally planned on doing these ornaments as well.  But, I wanted to make it easy on Kevin while I was gone.  So, since I had already bought these clear ornaments we had another decorating ornament day.  Dane and I made several of these, but unfortunately they didn't come out as cute as I was thinking they would.  The paint didn't stick very good to the inside of the ornaments.  But, Dane liked it and he was pleased with the ornaments that he made and wanted them hung on the tree.  If I was going to put a #hashtag to this I would have labeled it #pinterestfail or #nailedit  because they didn't look as cute as the ones on the website.  But,  as long as Dane was happy with his project I didn't really care.  Later that night we went to Kevin's school to watch the drama department perform the play Annie! It was cute, but photography wasn't allowed in the theater so I didn't get any pictures.  It wasn't Christmasy, but something to do that evening, and we were supporting Kevin's students.  

I'm missing a couple nights of Dopey's antics.  I'm not sure what happened. :(
Anyway, Dopey found a cozy spot in Kevin's bookshelf and was reading Dane's library book.  This was the first time this season that he was annoyed with Dopey.  He was upset that Dopey chose that book, because it was a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book which is Dane's favorite series these days and he wouldn't be able to read any of it that day.  He got over it fast when he realized that we wouldn't be home much that day anyway.  I took Dane shopping to find something for Kevin and for Jace from him.  And then we were on a mission to find him shoes to wear at church when he sang.   

5 Days till Christmas:
Annual Scavenger Hunt Christmas Light search
This is our 3rd year to do the 25 days of Christmas countdown.  Some of the days are the same every year.  Things that have become traditions.  And then some of the days are new like crafts or whatever.   This one has been one that has stuck.  We have always gone and looked at lights every year, but the last 3 we have made our looking at lights into a scavenger hunt.  I printed out a paper 3 years ago with common things you see when looking at Christmas lights, and we look for those things while driving around.  The last 2 years we have added stopping and getting a $5 dollar pizza and crazy bread from Little Cesar's before heading out.  Dane told me that he had been hoping that this night was on one of the cards, and while we were driving around Kevin mentioned that this was one of his favorite nights. 
So, we had fun and found everything on the list but Santa in a snow globe this year.  We saw everything else in a snow globe, but no Santa. 

 I will say that pictures can sometimes be deceiving.  You can look at some one's pictures and think wow they have it all together, everything is just perfect. I know I do that a lot when looking at other blogs.  I can be intimidated sometimes and thing that other people's lives are perfect just by looking at their pictures or their facebook statuses.  But, I'm going to keep it real on this one.   My pictures look like it was a perfect evening.  Don't get me wrong, it was a great night.  We had a great time, Dane had a blast.  We saw pretty lights, enjoyed pizza and cookies and listened to Christmas music and took lots of pictures.  But, what you don't see is the moments that we had to pull over and sit for 30 minutes at a time to get Jace out of his car seat because he was screaming at the top of his lungs with real alligator tears.  You don't see when we had to pull over for a third time because he decided to have a blow out and got poop everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  And, you don't see when Dane got fussed at for dropping his pizza, and then reaching down to get it and spilling his drink all over the place.  People don't document the ugly moments, only the good. 
 Keeping it real!

Pictures of this cutie before church

Dane sang with the children's choir on Sunday morning! They sang a song by themselves and then one song with the adult choir and they did such a great job.  There were 2 children singing solos during their song, and during the first one Dane is singing right along! HA Funny kid.  After the kids sang then they had to sit on the stage with the pastor and he did a sermon geared towards children, and interacted with them during his sermon.  I was so nervous when I heard that Dane would have to sit on the stage the entire time that he would get bored and start acting silly.  But, he did really well.  I was proud of him.  He sat very quietly, and occasionally would look back to see if we were watching him.  He could probably feel my eyes on the back of his head.  :) After the sermon the adult choir came up and the kids sang Peace on Earth over and over with the adults while a soloist sang. That song was a bit long and slow paced, so while the soloist was singing Dane got a tad bored and had a case of the yawns.  Like huge big mouth wide open yawns.  Hilarious.  But, he sang when it was his turn and didn't act silly on the stage. 

Dopey was terrified he was going to forget to jump into our luggage to go to Orange, so better safe than sorry.  Kevin and I took separate cars to church because Dane had choir practice that morning so I stayed behind to pack up all of our stuff.  So, Dane didn't see Dopey until we were leaving church he rode home with me and literally screamed out loud when we got in the car.  Scared me to death! I had forgotten that silly Dopey was in our car, but Dane was thrilled to see that he was going to Orange with us!

4 Days till Christmas:
 With us being in Orange hanging out at the hospital most of thse days I knew that it may be hard to still do our countdown.  I knew that we wouldn't be able to do what I had originally planned when making the printouts for the cards, so I cut myself some slack.  On that Sunday we drove in and were at the hospital the entire afternoon until pretty late that evening.  I had actually forgotten about doing the card, but of course Dane remembered when we got back to my mom's house.  I had brought several Christmas movies and our portable dvd player with us to give  Dane something to do while at the hospital.  He hadn't watched Christmas Vacation this season, so I popped that baby in the dvd player and Dane went to his little area and called it a day.

Dopey made himself at home at my mom's house.  He didn't do anything too crazy, because he knew we were tired and stressed from being at the hospital and all the emotions that go along with that.
We found him on a reindeer that is on my mom's mantle.  Dane was just happy that Dopey decided to fly down to Orange after visiting the North Pole.

Melt me pictures...
Dane and Jace hanging out together in Poppy's recliner, before leaving for the hospital.

One morning while we were there before heading to the hospital my mom let Dane and Jace open their presents from her and Poppy.  Christmas wasn't the same without Poppy sitting in his recliner and giving his thoughts on the gifts the kids got.  We normally have dinner and my niece, nephew and grandpa come over as well.  This year we had planned on my mom and David coming to our house Christmas day to celebrate, but unfortunately that couldn't happen with his accident.  So, it was a quick thing this year.  Dane opened his gifts and helped Jace open his, and then we got ready and spent the day at the hospital.  Dane was excited about the stuff he got.  He got lots of goodies.  A Pokemon box set, a DS game, legos, cowboy boots, a couple books and some pjs.  Jace got a couple toys and mostly decorations for his room that still had some empty places on the walls for.  Since Jace is a baby and really didn't need anything I suggested room stuff since he was needing that.  It was funny, Dane opened up one of Jace's gifts and he was saying "Oh Jace let's see what you got" in baby talk, and then he pulled out the gift and said "what?? Granny you got the baby cans???" We died laughing.  He didn't understand why she would get him stuff for his room.  Jace was more interested in the bows, wrapping paper and trying to find his toes.  I didn't get a picture of my mom with the boys.  She wasn't dressed for a picture that morning, and I forgot while at the hospital.

3 Days till Christmas:

That morning before heading to the hospital I baked several different kinds of cookies, and we bagged them up in little treat bags to deliver to the ICU staff at the hospital where David was being treated.  Dane walked around and handed each nurse a treat bag, and told them Merry Christmas.  Just a little thank you for taking good care of Dane's Poppy.

Jace was too young to go into ICU, so we brought a blanket and built a little wall around him with out bags and he sat and played and entertained people in the lobby.

We caught Dopey hanging from the kitchen light.

2 Days till Christmas:
This was a really hard day at the hospital.  David was transferred to a rehab facility to start getting therapy and there was a lot of miscommunication between the hospital staff and the staff at the therapy place. I wont go into detail, but it was a very trying and emotional day.  Unfortunately, this was not a good day for David as well. He had endured a lot of setbacks.  We were all at the hospital for several hours, before Kevin ended up taking the boys back to my moms because it was just too hard having them there.  I stayed there until visiting hours were over, before heading out.  I got back to my mom's house and it was really late.  So, we didn't do anything for our countdown.  Dane was very understanding, and I told him that on Christmas eve we would do what was planned, and a little extra to make up for it.

I came home and crashed into the recliner.  The dogs are really missing David and my mom since she hasn't been able to be home much lately.  So, I let them cuddle next to me and tried giving them lots of attention while I was in Orange.

Whew! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is coming soon!

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