Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Holiday Goodness!

When we were decorating our tree Dane was bothered that we had several ornaments with his picture in them, and none that had Jace's picture or name on them.  He couldn't quite grasp that he's had so many more Christmas seasons and a lot more time to accumulate personal ornaments.  But, I ended up ordering a couple that night.  One that was a family ornament, since we had an ornament with 3 snowmen on it and out names, and I ordered Jace an ornament that I could put a picture of him in it.  Still waiting for the picture one to arrive, but here's our family ones.

23 Days till Christmas
We made a snowman ornament using Dane's hand, and attempted to make one out of Jace's foot but he wiggled his toes right as I was placing it on the ornament and then moved his foot all around.  HA! It was a big mess.  I needed an extra set of hands to do it.  Kevin was busy taking care of some work he needed to do.  I may try again! Then we made a snowman out of shaving cream and glue.  All pinterest inspired.  They turned out real cute, and we have them hanging on one of my cabinets so Dane can admire his work each day! Ha 

 oh that awkward fake unnatural smile kills me!! 

Here is my snowman.  Dane was adamant about drawing my arms for me.

 There's that smile again.  Sigh

 One of the snowmen is a tad jacked up!!!! HAHAHA But, aren't we all just a little?? :)

Dopey thought he was being funny by drawing on the bananas.  Dane was a little annoyed at first because he loves bananas, and thought Dopey wasted them.  But, then he was all good in the hood when I told him that he could still eat them because it was just on the peel.  

22 Days till Christmas:
We read our Christmas books that was about the Real Christmas story, and then made a nativity "stained glass" craft.  

 Not sure what was going on with the gloves... just another regular day at our house.  Ha
 They turned out so cute!! I have them hanging on our back door and during the day the light shines through them and they really look pretty! 
 Yes, I look rough.  EEK! 
And I think Dane turned his backwards on purpose for the picture.  Little stinker.
 I have to say... I think mine turned out super duper cute.  I love it! I think I missed my calling in stain glass making.  :)

Somebody, not saying any names put their first piece of tissue paper on the wrong side of the contact paper.  So much for listening and following instructions.  Ahem.  
Unfortunately, Kevin's face didn't come out clear in the picture.  A Blurry mess.  I guess it wasn't following directions either.  :)

Dopey built an ice rink and was going ice skating.  Dane touched it and said "wow that is solid.  Solid ice, I can't believe it"  
Love it.  

21 days till Christmas:
All about Rudolph.  Rudolph pancakes, Rudolph cookies, and Rudolph movie. With an extra bonus of goodness... Jace in reindeer pjs.
 Have no fear... Kevin was standing right in front of me with his hands nearly touching Jace, I just have him cropped out.  He wasn't going anywhere.  

My mom got Jace these pjs that day we shopped till we dropped.   
I was trying out different settings on my camera trying to figure out how to take crisp pictures in our living room at night.  I wasn't too successful, but Jace didn't mind.  He was all smiles.  

Dane can't keep a secret for the life of him.  Everyday he gets home from school and he will flat out tell us how his day went behavior wise.  He will tell us when he talked the whole day and had to have lots of reminders to be quite, he will tell us when he gets moved away from friends because of talking, if he misses a few minutes of recess etc etc.  He is so honest it's crazy.  We have a policy that if I don't hear about it from the teacher then she must not have thought it was bad enough, so we don't punish him.  We talk to him about doing better, and that we are disappointed to hear that he didn't follow instructions etc, but he doesn't get an actual punishment.  For one I want him to continue being an open book and not hide stuff from us.  And two like I said if his teacher doesn't think it's bad enough for a phone call or note home then why should we punish him when we are lucky he actually tells us in the first place. 
So, anyway the point of this story is that he had told us a couple days in a row that he wasn't being too quite during teaching times, and then the next day he came home with a think sheet which basically is just a form that the kids have to fill out themselves saying what they did and what they could have done better.  It's basically a warning from the teacher.  Well, Dopey decided that he would leave a naughty note just to show that he is watching and that Dane needs to step it up.  In reality Dane isn't a bad kid, he really hasn't been that naughty this year.  He just has soooo much to say and doesn't have self control for it. Let me tell you that I felt soooooooooooooooooooooo bad the next morning when Dane saw the note.  He was so heartbroken. He couldn't believe that Dopey left him a naughty note, and then he had the sad tears.  Not the tears when he is just being dramatic, but actual sad hurt feelings tears.  Oh, man.  I felt so bad.  :(  But, we talked about how there was still time left and that Dopey wanted him to do something nice for someone today, and that he just wanted Dane to step it up and stop talking so much at school.  
But, you know what... Dane came home with a sticker on his behavior sheet saying that he had an excellent day! And he listed off about 10 nice things that he did that day for others.  He was so excited to tell me all about it when he got off the bus.  His spirit was really lifted.  
So... I felt bad, but it kind of worked.  Yikes.  

I'm patting myself on my back, because I'm not terribly behind anymore.  I'll post about this past weekend soon!

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