Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tis the Season!!

It's Christmas time! This year has flown by!! I love everything about the holidays.  I've been planning and getting everything ready for a while now, and so happy that December is here! I've been done with my shopping for quite a while now, and our house has been decorated for a few weeks.  It's been nice to sit back and enjoy the season without the hustle and bustle.  We are in full on Christmas mode!! December is a busy month, but I love everything about it!! 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we woke up to a visitor from the North Pole.  Yep, Dopey is back!! Dane has been talking about him for months, and was so looking forward to his arrival.  Dopey surprised us with powder donuts, and a little fun surprise for the boys.  I've always gotten a Christmas shirt for Dane each year, so this year I let Dopey get all the credit.  I knew that Dane would be over the moon if Dopey brought a treat.  Surprisingly, Dopey brought Jace the exact same shirt that Dane had when he was a baby. No idea how he pulled that one off. wink wink.  I knew that Dane wouldn't remember that shirt, so no need to buy a new one! Dopey found the Santa bags in the $1 spot at target, along with some elf on the shelf chocolate for Dane.  Dane and Jace both got Christmas cups to drink hot chocolate in.  :)
Dane was beyond excited when he finally walked into the kitchen.  It actually took him a while before noticing there was stuff on the table that was for him.  He went from the living room to the formal to the office and repeat several times before walking into the kitchen.  I was dying! But, once he saw him his face lit up and he came running.  He was so excited, and started immediately telling Jace who he was and that he wasn't allowed to touch him or drool on him.  HAHA!!!

The next morning the first thing that Dane did was look for Dopey.  He woke up before we did, and came running into our room to tell us that he found Dopey, and that we needed to come look because Dopey left him a note.  Sigh.  No rest for the weary.  Dane has no mercy in the mornings, such an early riser especially if he is excited about something.  And in case you haven't noticed... Dane hardly wears a shirt when he is at home.  He never sleeps in one any more, unless he is really cold and most of these elf pictures are taken first thing in the morning.  

Later that day it was time to start our 25 days till Christmas tradition that was started a couple years ago.  Dane loves this, and is always excited to flip the card to see what we are doing that day.  Most days are really easy and simple activities like watching a Christmas movie or just doing typical Christmas activities that most people do.  I throw in a couple crafts because Dane enjoys doing that, Christmas treats are always fun, and then if we are able we do a couple bigger activities as a special treat.  It's been fun, and Dane really looks forward to pulling a card everyday. 

25 days till Christmas
On November 30th was the first day of our countdown.  Along with a shirt I usually always get Dane Christmas pjs, so this year I decided to put it like a gift for him to open on the first day of our countdown, along with a new Christmas movie.  We add to our collection every year when they are on sale and have built up a decent amount of Christmas movies over the years!  So, the boys got new Christmas pjs and the Disney's A Christmas Carol movie.  I made Peppermint Oreos, we got in our pjs and watched the Christmas Carol. 

Dopey left a couple Christmas jokes for Dane:

Q. What did the Gingerbread man put on his bed?
A. a cookie sheet!!

Q. What do elves learn in school?
A. The elf-abet.

HAHAHAHAHA!! :) Dane thought they were hilarious. 

Just me and the butterball hanging out while waiting for the big guys to get home.  

Dane came home with a super star sticker for doing a great job with his reading.  We got his progress report and the district says that the first graders should be a level E, and Dane is now on level I! I'm proud of him.  He loves reading, and is doing such a great job in school this year.  

They are both always happy to see each other in the afternoons when Dane gets home.  Dane always wants to hug him, and then he talks to him asking if he was fussy or if he had a good day.  Jace always gives him big ol smile, always so happy to see him.

24 days till Christmas:
We made Frozen Hot Chocolate and watched Home Alone 1 & 2.

 Jman had his own version of a frozen hot chocolate.  :)
And he attempted to hold his bottle for the 1st time! He holds it for a few minutes and then gets lazy and drops his hands.  

Dopey got a new outfit, and was a little adventurous.

Jace got a cute onesie in the mail from Grandma! 

More Holiday Cheer coming soon! 

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