Monday, December 28, 2015

If I had done Christmas cards...

I didn't send out Christmas cards this year, but I did attempt to get some updated pictures of the boys.  

Merry Christmas From the Wittschen Family!

December extras

Here's all the miscellaneous fluff from December, all the little extra things.  

Little cutie snacking on a Grinch cookie and a left over cinnamon roll.  Neither he really wanted.  

Jace and Stuffed Santa were besties all season long.  He would grab him, carry him around, hug him, throw him, drag him by his hat.  You know normal things you do with your bestie.  :)

Dane being a big fun brother pushing him around in his truck. 

 Jace loved the Christmas tree.  A little too much.  He would look at it and then when you weren't looking he would snatch an ornament off and go running with it.  Sometimes he would throw them, or take the hook out.  Sigh.  

Where's Jace?!?!

I can't stand the cuteness!

Dane's school Christmas party.  It was on their last day of school before the break, and then we were able to check them out early.  

Just some more cuteness and silly faces from Jace.  If I'm being honest he spent a lot of full days in pjs. We were so busy the month of December, so if we didn't have anything going on then we tried to enjoy the down time.  

Dane does a silly day, and then Jace tries to copy him. 

Looking at the trains at church.  All the kids love the huge train village that is put up every Christmas.

Telling Dane bye before he leaves for school.  
 A baby selfie

When we are upstairs in our playroom we can see down into our neighbor's backyard and can watch his dogs running around.  It sucks that we are so close to our neighbors and are on top of each other.  But, Jace loves being able to watch the dogs.  He will bang on the glass and and yell and squeal.  

Grocery shopping has never been so much fun.  Jace loves the car carts, he waves to everyone he sees. And yes he wears shoes to the store, but if he's not walking around and he can get to his shoes then those suckers come off the second he gets his hands on them.  

Kevin took Jace outside one day and he sat there like this for a good bit watching the neighbors across the street playing with their dog.  This kid loves dogs. 

Dane at his friend Chris's bday party.  It was at Main Event, so he got to bowl and play laser tag.  

I went to a Christmas cookie exchange with some moms from Dane's school.  We all baked about 60 cookies and then we got to go home with a variety of Christmas cookies.  Super fun! 

Kevin said he would help me make snowflakes for Dane's class party... But once I saw what his snowflakes looked like I changed my plans.  HAHA

The hospitality committee that I'm on at Dane's school had another teacher event.  We had cookies and cocoa, and it turned out great! We had so many different types of cookies and treats.  This was the main table.  I forgot to take a picture of the 2 other tables that were decorated and filled with treats, but it was a great event! 

Kevin took the boys to watch his students play basketball one evening.  I enjoyed the silence at home and the boys had fun playing in the stands and cheering for the kiddos! 

Celebrating our friend Andrew's 8th birthday at Lazer Tag place here in Cypress.  These boys were all in the same class in first grade and have stayed good friends.  

Trying to get his shadow

Grandma sent a fun package with some star war goodies for Dane and soft fuzzy Christmas socks and a shirt for Jace.  Dane loves getting mail, made his day!

Anyone need a plumber??

Dane creating his first movie with his new kindle and mine craft movie maker set

Christmas afternoon we took the kids over to a school so Dane could ride his razor 360.  Kevin and Jace had fun on it as well!

My good friend lost her brother a couple days before Christmas in a terrible car accident.  Us girls went to Weimar the day after Christmas to be with her for the funeral.  I hated that we were together under terrible circumstances, but I was so happy to see everyone.  It's been a while that all 5 of us have been together at the same time.  I love these girls.  

This picture was put on facebook from Dallas of us girls at her house after the funeral, and 15 years earlier the night of her wedding.  Dallas got married on NYE in 2000 and we all went out in Austin after her wedding.  Lots of memories with these girls.  We were all so young and carefree when we became friends.  I went to Sam Houston and joined Chi Omega in 1998, and never could have imagined then that 17 years later we would still be best friends, live all over the state of Texas, married with kids and just so grown up.  We have had lots and lots of good times, with a few hard times sprinkled in.  I'm thankful for these friends.  I'm thankful for 17 years of unconditional friendship!

Dane finally got to see the Star Wars movie.  Kevin took him a couple days after Christmas, and they both liked the movie.  Dane was a little sad and disappointed though with what happened to Hans Solo.   Lips sealed for those who haven't seen it.  

Lots and lots of rainbow loom bracelets.  We made a ton, and I found it very therapeutic and relaxing!! 
 Dane with his completed globe puzzle
 And I would say that bubbles that was in Jace's stocking was a huge hit.