Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve!!

Wow, it has been a jammed packed Christmas break this year.  We haven't been home much the last two weeks.  We have been going so much that Dane hasn't had the opportunity to get bored from being out of school.  And now here it is already January 2nd, and we just have a couple days left before school starts back up.  December has flown by! This year has flown even faster!

We started off the break in Orange visiting with my family and spending time at the hospital where my step dad is which I've already blogged about.  We stayed in Orange until Christmas Eve and left that afternoon to head back to Cypress.  We spent Christmas day at our house, and then it was time to pack up and fly to New York for several days to visit Kevin's parents.  We got back late last night, I took care of all the laundry this morning and then packed up again to head back to Orange to see David again.  I left the boys at home, so I'm here by myself this go round.  I'll head back to Cypress Sunday, and then we will have one more day to relax before it's time to send Dane back to school.  Whew! We've had a lot going on the past couple weeks!

~A recap of Christmas Eve~

So, we spent that morning at the hospital being with David.  I hated to leave because he was still on the ventilator, and I was wanting to be there when they took him off of it.  But, because of the holiday and to give him a few more days to get stronger the doctors decided that the vent wouldn't be taken out until the Saturday after Christmas.

I totally forgot to take a picture of Dopey on Christmas Eve morning, but he was sitting halfway in Dane's backpack with his head popping out with a note that it was his last night to hang out.  He also told Dane that since Santa was coming that night he could be touched by Dane and then Santa would give him his magic back and he would ride on Santa's sleigh back to the North Pole.  So, Dane carried Dopey all over, had him sitting next to him in the car, and he even let Jace hold him for a spilt second until Jace went to put Dopey in his mouth.  :)

When we got home Dane pulled the last countdown card of the season, and it had multiple things on it.

1 Day until Christmas:
Christmas Eve Fun!!
Christmas Eve service, bake cookies for Santa, make reindeer food, read the Christmas story and the Night before Christmas, and a nativity scavenger hunt

We got back to Cypress that afternoon, and had just enough time to get dressed and head to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  It was a great service, which ended with the congregation singing Christmas carols by candle light which is always my favorite.

Once we got home we started the Christmas Eve fun! The excitement level was at an all time high.  Dane was bouncing off the walls.  He was beyond ready for Santa to arrive!
Since we didn't get to do anything the night before for our countdown because it was a late night at the hospital we did what was suppose to do the night before on top of the "normal" Christmas Eve stuff.  It sounds like a lot, but it was all easy stuff so nothing took that long.

Kevin and I came up with a quick scavenger hunt for Dane to guess nativity characters, and find them in our house.  Nothing fancy! There were about 10 clues all on sticky notes, and the people were hidden pretty easily in our house.  He had to first read the clue and guess which person he would be looking for, and then figure out where in the house they were hidden.  Easy peasy, but he thought it was fun! And it gave him something to do while Kevin made his famous chicken enchiladas for dinner.

After we ate dinner we baked candy cane and hershey kiss peanut butter cookies for Santa, and of course we had to taste test them before leaving some for him.  :)

 Cookies, milk and Dopey were all left out for Santa to find.
Kevin read the true Christmas story, and then the Night Before Christmas and then it was time for everyone to go to sleep so Santa could come!!
 Santa got to work and got to sleep for about 2 hours before Jace decided he wanted to wake up for a little night snack.  Then as soon as we got him back to sleep and we were all tucked away cozy in our beds it wasn't too much longer before Dane came busting in our room that Santa had come!  Early morning!!!

And... I just now realized as I'm typing this that we didn't make reindeer food. HA! Clearly, that wasn't too important because no one thought twice about it!!!! Too funny!!

Yah for Christmas Eve!

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