Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm alive!

Well, I totally dropped off the face of the earth didn't I?  Geez.  
Life has a funny way of flying by rather you want it to or not, and it's easy to wake up one morning and realize that it's totally gotten away from you.  

Last time I got on here it was Dane's first day back at school after his Christmas break, and here it is February 11th.  Life has been busy with just the ordinary everyday stuff.  Nothing too exciting.   It took us the entire first week of school to get back into the swing of things.  We struggled that first week and some of the next to find our groove again.  We were so busy over the break that the first week back of normalcy was pretty low key.  While the big boys were away at school and work Jace and I had didn't leave the house much.  We took a couple days to just be lazy and chill and then spent a couple days to really get things organized.  I got on a de-cluttering and organizing kick and would tackle a couple things each day.   My step dad got transferred to TIRR Memorial here in Houston the beginning of January, so we have spent lots of days/evenings visiting there with him.  

Jace is all over the place, so I don't have a lot of free time to blog much.  Which is my main excuse for waiting so long.  When he naps I am either running to get something done like unloading dishwasher, washing bottles or laundry... or on my lazy days watch an episode of Parenthood. :)  Our days together are very simple, but he keeps me moving now.  He officially started crawling on his 8 month birthday, which I'll do a separate post for.  But, before then he was able to still move around by getting down on his stomach, and then sitting himself back up over and over until he was positioned by what he was wanting to get.  So, he is keeping me on my toes and I'm having to watch him like a hawk because he of course will eat anything that will fit into his mouth.  

Dane is doing well in school, and enjoying everything.  The whole month of January was exciting because he knew his 7th birthday was at the end of the month! So, he's been counting down since after Christmas.  I'll do a separate post about his big day as well.  
He started golf lessons and has done 4 out of the 5 sessions, and is loving it.  It's been freezing it seems like every Saturday mornings at his lessons, but he doesn't seem to mind.  He is really enjoying it.  Kevin and I have been switching off with who takes him, because it's been too cold to bring to the baby there.  He has one more session for this level and then will start the next session in April.  I think this is going to be something that he will enjoy doing and something that him and Kevin can have fun doing together.  I am looking forward to riding in the golf cart while they play and sipping on a margarita while I watch.  HAHA  This is a sport that I need some serious tutoring.  I know nothing about golf.  When I say nothing I mean I had to get a quick lesson from Kevin the morning of his lesson that I brought him so I knew the names of the clubs, and which ones to grab when the coach said "grab your putter" and which area was considered the "green" or "fairway" etc.   I know that's terrible.  But, I can't know it all, right? HA! I grew up watching baseball and football, so I know enough about those two that I don't look stupid.  But, golf... I got lots to learn!! 
Baseball season is here also! Dane will be on the Cardinal team this season.  Practices have started but his games don't start until March! 

Lots of random pictures of Jace to start off with from our time at home. 

 Pulling up and is constantly into something!

 My view most of the day.  
If you are either sitting on the floor next to him or standing near him he is either reaching for you or reaching for your hands to pull him up so he is standing.  He loves for you to hold his hands and let him stand.  

 And if you don't give him your hands he will find something on you to yank and pull.  Shorts, shirts, your nose... anything is fair game. 
 And yes he does wear clothes during the day.  :)

 I can't keep our living room clean.  Little guy is into everything!

 We have a new cousin!! Hadley and Baylor are big sisters!! 
Jack Easton was born on January 12th, and we are all so excited! I know that him and Jace will be best buds!

Jace hanging out while I put Dane's clothes away.  This is the life.  
 The terrorizing has begun! Dane was trying to watch cartoons and Jace kept getting a hold of his hair.  Hilarious.  So far Jace can do no wrong in Dane's eyes.  He is still very sweet to him, and is so patient.  

Jace loves his new swing.  We have had some pretty days, so it's nice to sit outside.  Dane does his daily reading he has to do for school outside a lot of days while we swing.  

 Dane was very excited to get Mine Craft books from the book fair.  A new obsession of his.

Dane's first golf lesson.  I didn't have his straps on his bag right according to Kevin, so the bag was hanging down and hard to carry.  OOPs.  
 They used these bigger practice clubs and balls during the first few minutes of the first practice.  They looked like they were those big plastic ones that are toys for toddlers.  Know what I'm talking about?? Ha

Right after his first golf lesson we had to jet over to the baseball fields and get Dane changed and ready for baseball tryouts.  He was one of the last ones to try out due to that W he carries on his name.  It took forever.  Painful and excruciating waiting for every kid to bat, catch and field.  I think it's silly that there is even a try out at this age. 

I had plans to go home after the tryouts and get dressed to go eat a late lunch with some old girlfriends of mine.  I thought the tryouts wouldn't take that long, so we only had one car at the baseball field. But, the tryouts took forever, and ran super late so Tamara came by the fields to rescue me from the torture.   I was definitely looking like a stereotypical baseball mom.  

Later that afternoon we "celebrated" Dane doing good at golf and his baseball tryouts and went and cashed in our free snow cone coupons that one of Kevin's students had given him.  Snow cones in January... only in Texas!

Jace was a big fan of the coconut snow cone!! 

A sweet picture of Jman at Willies Ice house.  We spent one afternoon that we had great weather there and had dinner and let Dane play.  I love that drooly little guy.  

More golf pictures

A scooter ride around the neighborhood to see if his friend Chris could come out and play.
Dane and his buddy Chris, who lives around the corner from us.  They sit together on the bus and have become good friends.  I can't even tell you how many times Dane has left his jacket or lunch kit or water bottle on the bus, and Chris always gets it for him and gives to him the next day so it doesn't get lost.  

Making some birthday wishes one night at Gringos while waiting for our table.  

Let's all say ahhhhh together.  Sweet baby. 

I joined a bunco group with moms from Dane's school and the neighboring school in Fairfield.  We meet once a month, and had the first game night in January.  It was a lot of fun, we had a great time playing and getting to know each other.  I didn't win any money :( but I did have my share of buncos and got to wear the hideous headband each time.  

My friend Christy and I drove to Weimar to have lunch with our friend Dallas for her birthday.  We had lunch and had an unforgettable time there due to the waitress being a little special and the restaurant being out of everything we ordered.  It was hilarious and one of those had to be there moments.  After lunch we went to a cute winery and did a tasting and hung out until it was time to get back on the road and head home.  Fun fun fun time!

Dane had math and science night at school one evening a couple weeks ago.  They had different stations for us to go to do math and science activities.  It's a way for the parents to see what kinds of things they are learning in those subjects.  We had literature and reading night at the beginning of the school year.  One of the stations Dane had to come up with a hypothesis and test it to get a conclusion.
He had to guess which objects would sink or float, and he got all of them right except for the water bottle.  He thought that the water bottle had water in it, but it was an empty one so he missed it.  But, I thought his guesses were good and his reasons why he chose what he did made sense to me.  One of the math stations he had to play go fish by asking for cards that would add up to a certain amount.  For instance if he was trying to get the number 8 he could ask for a card that could be added to 3 to get 8.  We did all the stations, and then the night ended with cookies and hot chocolate in the cafeteria.  He's in his pjs because it was a PJ theme and if he participated his name was put into a drawing

More swing pics

He was soooo close to crawling.

I love love love how his little hair makes that point in the back.  Sweetest little head.  Love it.
 And I love love love those chunky thighs!!!

Fun at the park one afternoon after school.  Gotta take advantage of those gorgeous days, because it won't be long before it is humid and oh so hot outside!

WHEW!!! Longest post ever!  And that brings us to the last week of January, Dane's birthday which I will post about soon!

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