Saturday, January 3, 2015

New York Part 1

Y'all I feel like I fell asleep on NYE and then woke up and it was January 6th.  And I missed everything in between.  I'm having a hard time articulating this weird feeling, but it's almost like I slept through the last few days and have no earthly idea what happened.  Maybe it's because we traveled the entire day on New Years Day, and then I turned around the next day and traveled back to Orange and sat in a hospital for those 3 days.  I feel scatterbrained and unorganized.  All my days have just ran together feeling like just one long day.  I'm sure if I feel like that my mom is feeling that by a thousand since she has spent everyday since December 11th in a hospital.  I had to check my calendar a couple different times yesterday making sure that today was actually the day that Dane goes back to school. I had no idea what day it was.  I'm sure after a couple days of checking homework and packing lunches I'll be back to my old routine.  Having the Christmas decorations still up isn't helping.  Still feels like it should be the holidays.  We have never waited this long to take them down.  I'm hoping to start on it tomorrow!! 

After Christmas we packed up and flew to New York to visit Kevin's parents.   This was Jace's first flight! We were very nervous about it since he doesn't take a paci!! I was stressed about timing his feedings as we took off and landed so he didn't have the pain in his ears. 

 We had to get up that morning at 3:30 and we left our house by about 4:00 to catch a 6:00 flight.  Yes, you read that right.  SOOOO early.  By the time we got on the plane Jace was extremely tired.  It started off a little shaky while we waited for the plane to start moving.  Jace was so tired and fussy and was a crying mess.  I felt panicky because you can feel all the eyes of the passengers on you.  But, we were able to get him to fall asleep while the plane started to take off.  So, he slept for the entire take off and for about an hour.  Then was pretty good the rest of the flight with the exception of pooping al over his clothes while we were on the plane. Yes.  perfect timing.   We flew into Newark New Jersey, and unfortunately our second flight was delayed.  So, we grabbed some lunch and had to entertain the boys for a few hours before the next flight.  Luckily we had plenty of electronics for Dane, and we put down a blanket and toys for Jace and took turns holding him and pushing him in the stroller to pass time.  Our 2nd flight was only about an hour long, and Jace pretty much did the exact same thing, cried until take off and then fell asleep.  

When we arrived the ground was brown and green, no snow in sight and it was in the high 50's.  We couldn't believe it! It was colder in Cypress the day before than in New York! But, the temperatures dropped the next day and the snow started! I believe it got down to 19 degrees while we were visiting! BRRRRRR! It was so pretty watching the snow fall!! 

Dane didn't let us waste any time when we got there.  He found out that they had presents for him, and wanted to open them immediately!  More Christmas fun! So, we exchanged presents in their sun room. Dane was of course excited! He got a camper lego set that looks very similar to their new RV, that they will be taking him camping in this spring.  He thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He also got a couple shirts, a country puzzle, a chima lego set.  Grandpa loves getting him tools, so he got him a lamp that you wear on your head like a coal miner would wear.  Dane was all over that!  Jace got a couple outfits as well and a couple cute baby toys that he can play with and chew on.   

 Personalized Beer Stein for Barry
 We got Jackie a few charms that go on her Nora Flemming serving dishes

A cute little hunk.  Kevin said that this shirt was missing a letter....C for Chunk.  Ha!

We got a tour of their new RV.  Dane couldn't believe there was a bed above the driver's seat, and was really excited to hear that he could sleep up there when they go take it for a weekend spin during the spring.  He thought it was so cool, that he wanted to sleep in there during this trip!! Ha

Sporting one of his new shirts

A little sink bath in the laundry room never hurt nobody!

A cute picture that Jackie sent me of these two

These boys made us a couple yummy pizzas one night for dinner.

The boys went down in the basement one morning and did some target practice.  I was only able to stand being down there for about 10 minutes... the sound of the guns freaked me out.  It was loud! Dane had a blast!! He shot a turkey target and coke cans.

All bundled up and ready to go do some wine tastings at several wineries around Finger Lakes.  One of our favorite things to do when visiting!

We went to 4 different wineries.  Dane and Jace were troopers! They did so good at all the places! We had a great time doing the tastings!! It started snowing on our way to the first winery which was awesome! By the time we got to the last winery it was really coming down and sticking to the ground.  So pretty!

Dane got to do a tasting on their root beer!

Trying to catch snow in his cup

 Acting like a PawPaw... reading the paper while drinking hot cider

All that wine tasting wore this booger out! :)

More fun in the snow coming soon!

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