Sunday, January 4, 2015

New York Part 2

We had lots of snowy fun while in New York.  It was just the perfect amount too.  Not too much where you weren't able to get outside and enjoy it.  Enough for Dane to play in and for us to have a snowball fight, which was his only request for our trip! Ha  
It looked so pretty falling from the sky! 

We got to go skiing for one day at Bristol Mountain, which is about 20 minutes from where they live.  This was Dane's first time to go skiing.  Dane took a lesson with some other kids and got to ski on a kid slope while Kevin and I hit the slopes.  Kevin's dad stayed with Dane while we skied.  He should have been on the payroll, because he was picking up kids left and right when they would fall.  I stayed on the easy greens, and then Kevin would go ski a harder slope and I would go watch Dane for a little bit.  He did pretty good considering it was his first time.  His balance wasn't great, but I can't say much... neither was mine!! I had my fair share of tumbles, and even got knocked down HARD by a kid a little bigger than Dane. I got blindsided, didn't even see that girl coming up from behind me when she took me out.  All I can do is laugh about it now.   Dane would fall, but would get back up and try again.   It snowed off and on the entire day which was great! We had a great day, and made some memories!

 I was a little chilly while waiting for Kevin to get back from an experienced slope!

We celebrated Barry's birthday while there with a delicious triple chocolate cake! So yummy!

Can't be in the snow without a snow ball fight.  I took some pictures and then put my camera down and joined in on the fun.  Barry and Jace sat in the kitchen and watched through the window all this go down.  

We had a low key New Years Eve this year.  We had dinner with Jackie and Barry's neighbors and then packed up to head out the next day.  We were in bed by 10:00!! Living wild I tell ya! HA!
We had a great trip in New York but sadly it had to end.  

We spent New Years Day traveling the entire day.  It wasn't our best traveling day for sure. We were excited to see that our first flight was on time, and everything looked to be ok.  Until it was time to take off and the plane continued to sit there.  We waited and waited and waited.  Then after waiting for a small eternity the pilot came on and told us that the plane was too iced over, and needed to be de-iced by a machine and we were 4th in line for that to occur.  Nothing like hearing that your plane is too cold to fly.  And nothing like knowing without a doubt that you were going to miss your connecting flight.  
On a positive Jace slept for almost the entire flight!  On our plane was the entire Rochester hockey team all dressed up in their best clothes excited to get to Minnesota to play.  Nice group of guys!  When we were getting ready to land the flight attendant asked for those who did not have a connecting flight to stay seated and to let those who had one get off first.  Well.... that's really nice and all but guess what.  95% of the seats were the hockey team and they also had a connecting flight that was minutes away from boarding as well. Hilarious.  So, the entire plane is standing up and panicking to get off the plane. While I waited for our stroller Kevin ran up to a counter to see if we could make it.  We were told no that the plane was already boarded and closed.  
The next flight wasn't for another 4 hours!!!!! SIGHHHHH!!! Ugh! So frustrating.  
We found a Chile's in the airport so we had lunch to waste a little time.  And then we waited.  And waited. Long long long day!! So, you can imagine how worn out we were by the time we finally got to Houston.  But, wait there's more!! We got to the luggage carousel and there was a huge crowd.  As we waited and watched the luggage the crowd got smaller and smaller and less and less luggage was on the conveyor belt.  Yeah, no luggage.  By this time it's pretty late.  All four of us were exhausted and hungry.  After a lot of waiting and a lot of looking Kevin was able to talk to a customer service person, and we found out our luggage some how magically made our original connecting flight and was on the turntable where we would have been if on that flight.  So, tell me how did our luggage make the flight, but we were told that we couldn't make it, and that there wasn't enough time.  Not cool United.  But, we got our luggage and hit the road! We got home late, and got everyone fed and put to bed.  

Jace cracks me up when he does this.  He will be playing with a toy and put it in his mouth and almost forgets that it's there.  We were at Chile's here, but usually when he does this he grabs other toys to play with while the toy is hanging in his mouth.  
Jace's reaction when we told him to get comfortable, that we had 4 hours to hang out. 

And that's a wrap!!!

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