Monday, February 16, 2015

Lucky 7!!!


DANE is 7!!!!  It's hard to believe, but Dane turned the big 7 on January 31st.  The last 7 years has flown by.  Dane is a one of a kind kid.  He has more personality then he knows what to do with it.  He does extremely well academically in school, is 4 levels ahead where he should be in reading, loves math and is wiser than his years.  But, on the flip side he never stops talking in school and will question and argue you to death on anything and everything.  Most days I feel like I'm living with a teenager, and the other days it's like living with a grown man. 
He's a really good kid who has a big heart, is silly 95% of the day, and marches to the beat of his own drum.  He requires words of affirmation on a daily basis, can be extremely stubborn, but at the same time is a people pleaser and wants you to be happy with him.  He is the best big brother, he really adjusted with no issues and loves Jace more than anything.  The feeling is mutual, he can make Jace belly laugh over and over every day.  Jace gets so excited to see him everyday and Dane is extremely patient and protective over him.  

I can't believe he is 7 already! He thinks he is so big, he was so excited for his birthday and to turn a year older. 

7 facts about Dane:
1.  He has only lost 2 teeth, both last year. 
2.  Extremely literal, is sarcastic without realizing it, never stops talking and is very imaginative
3.  Early to bed and an early riser
4.  Loves being a big brother and is very sweet with Jace
5.  Has no filter, never meets a stranger, and is extremely outgoing and loves to be around people
6. He likes watching old classic movies like Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson
7. Loves playing board games and having nights dedicated to the family like movie nights, game nights etc

7 things Dane likes to do:
1. Legos, Legos and more Legos
2. Trading Pokemon cards with friends
3.  Hooked on electronics and video games
4.  He likes to play baseball and golf and loves to swim
5.  He likes to pretend
6. Loves to read and write
7.  Nerf wars with friends

7 favorite foods:
1. PB&J
2. Mac and cheese
3. Pizza
4. Taco soup
5. Grilled Cheese
6. Bananas
7.  pasta

He's grown up into a really cool little dude!! 
Happy Birthday Dane!!

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