Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Misc in February

February Fun:

Because you can never have too many cute pictures of this little dude.

The first weekend in February we celebrated Sophia's 7th birthday at her house.  She had a magician come to her house and entertain us with a magic show.  It was great, and the kids loved it.  I didn't get any pictures of her or the party.  :(  But, us girls had some fun catching up and hanging out! There is never a shortage of laughs when we are together. 

More sweetness

Lots of baseball practicing going on.  He has real practices twice a week, but Kevin throws with him quite a bit and then we take him to the batting cages often as well.   I'm so happy Dane did fall ball and has a little experience going into the spring coach pitch season.  He has really improved, and I think this season is going be great. 

We take advantage of the nice weather when ever we get it and do lots of bike rides around the neighborhood.

It's hard to see in this picture, but he got his first boo boo on his forehead.  He tried crawling under my bed at least 15 times, bumping his head every time.  He would bump and cry and then I would move him to another part of the room and then he would turn around and try it again.  

Dane got off the bus the other day and was looking all sad.  When I asked him what was wrong he pulled this paper out of his back pack.  Is it bad that I cracked up?  I'm sorry, I just thought it was hilarious.  Of course, we talked to him about not doing this, but we kept it light because it's not that serious.  You gotta pick your battles, and this is small stuff.  He said that his friend who the corn belonged to was flicking the corn that had fallen off his plate and one got close to Dane so he flicked it back at him.  
The janitor is the one who had him fill this out, and he had Dane and the other boy who was also guilty pick up the corn kernels and throw them away.  I was suppose to sign this paper and send it back, but I didn't! I kept it and put it in my box of keepsakes because this is something I want to show him later in life!! HAHA 
Oh the joys of boys.

This past Saturday Dane had his last golf session for this level and had a little "ceremony" and got a certificate for completing his first session.  He got a certificate, a polo with First Tee on it and his membership card which will allow him to use the golf courses in the program for $5!.  The kids names were called one by one and they ran through the high five tunnel and then had to tell the golf instructor one thing they had learned so far.  Dane was the last one, as always.  I was curious what his answer would be, because a lot of the obvious answers had been taken by the other kids and you just never know what Dane will say.  He'll keep you on your toes when in a public setting.  
But, his answer was great! He told her that he had learned what being Honest meant and how when you are keeping score being honest is extremely important.  Gold Star! 

Valentine's weekend up next!

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