Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The celebration!

We had a fun time celebrating Dane's 7th birthday! Words don't even describe how excited he was for his big day and for his birthday party.  He had talked about turning 7 for about 3-4 months so his excitement level was over the roof when it finally arrived.  His birthday landed on a Saturday this year, so his party was on the same day.  
Jackie and Barry arrived in town, so we started off his birthday celebration by bringing him lunch to school on Friday.  

As soon as Dane got home from school I jetted him over to get a hair cut.  His hair was super long and looking like a hot mess.  Usually when we go get Dane's haircut he gets a little sensitive about his hair, and doesn't want them to cut his hair much.  He tells them he likes it long, and gets a little grumpy when they trim his hair.  But, while we were waiting for his turn he was looking through a magazine and said that he wanted his hair short and spiky.  Shocking! So, after a little discussion to make sure he was sure and that he knew that it meant he would have to put gel in his hair to style it which he normally hates he was all about it.  He wanted a new do for his new age.  

We went and had a birthday dinner at Gringos and had the waiters come out and sing to him and bring him a big bowl of ice cream.  He acted like he didn't like the attention, but I know that he did! 

I got him a special birthday treat for us to enjoy at the house.  A mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  Yummy! So we ended the evening eating a great dessert and he opened up his present from Jackie and Barry.  

Saturday morning before his party my mom came over to see him and give him his present, she had some stuff going on at the hospital so wasn't able to stay for the party.  

We had Dane's party at Lazer X which is a laser tag place.  It's a perfect place for a little boy's birthday party, and it was probably the easiest party I have ever done.  They take care of everything and all you have to bring is the cake.  I didn't do any decorations besides balloons because the kids aren't in the party room for very long. This party was stress free, but Dane loved it! The kids got to do 2 laser tag missions in this big dark maze and play tons of arcade games between the missions and eat pizza and cake in the party room.  We invited Dane's closest friends, and they had an absolute blast.  It was a perfect party and a perfect day for the birthday boy!

 The crew ready to fight their first mission.

 Gage, Liam & Dane

 Dane, Dean & Drew
 Aiden & Dane

 Gage & Lilly

 Zach, Gage & Dane

Dane and Gage
Liam and Dane

 So, the cookie cake didn't turn out like I had thought it would.  It's suppose to look like the black ninja from Ninjago.  Like the balloons below.  No eyebrows and a nose... looks nothing like the picture I gave the worker. All I could do was laugh because it's hilarious.  Dane said when he saw it "Um... is that suppose to be a ninja??" But, you know what.... it tasted yummy and that's the most important thing right?? 

The crew minus Zach and Sophia 
Drew, Dean, Gage, Liam, Aiden, Devyn (Dean and Drew's little sister), Chris & Dane

After the party Tabitha and her crew came over to our house for a while before she headed back to Dallas.  Dane and Gage had a blast playing and Tab and I caught up. 

Hilarious picture! Lilly wasn't having it! 

Happy Birthday Dane!
7 is going be a great year for the little dude!!

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