Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day!!

Dane heading out to school the day before V-day looking super cute in his pink shirt.  He's not a fan of pink or anything girly and made it quite clear that Valentine's day was a girl holiday.  WHAT??? Where did he hear that from?  He told me "Mom, look around it's all about hearts and loooove and the color pink, it's a holiday for girls.  Why doesn't boys get a holiday??"
SIGH.  He's getting big, and just like a  typical man!! HAHA  
But, he humored me and wore his pink polo I got him last year to school.  And even though he had his opinions about it, he sure was excited to bring his valentine cards to school and get a little love present from me!

I sent Dane to school with a cute v-day gift for his teacher.  A box of valentine brownies, a cute spatula and a heart cookie cutter.  I stole the idea from Pinterest, not going to lie.  But, I thought it was super cute.  I took a picture of it before I had Dane sign it.  He told me that I needed to sign my name because it was all my idea and I was the one that paid for it.  HaHa He's so smart it kills me.  
Jace in one of his V-day shirts.... this one I found in Dane's hand me downs! It's so cute, and I had forgotten about it!

Dane's school doesn't do Valentine parties which is disappointing for me because I loved that holiday growing up.  But, they exchange cards and treats attached at the end of the day.  Dane was so proud of the bag he made to hold his cards.  Yes, he made it look like a pig.  So romantic that boy.

And his spiky hair never makes it home spiky.  His hair is super fine like mine and it just doesn't hold the style long.  Good thing he's a boy and doesn't care.  I can't keep a curl in my hair longer than about an hour.  :(
He was excited about his valentine loot.  Lots of sweet treats attached to the cards.  He made me a sweet card at school that he was really proud of.  Even though he knows it's a girl holiday he still has a sweet heart and made me a super sweet heart card.  
I bought us a box of the Valentine brownie mix as well and also a silicon pan with heart shapes.  Can you tell which is Dane's hearts and which is mine?? :)

I attempted to get some cute v-day pictures of the boys.  I had these wooden letters, and had some really cute ideas in my head.  Ha! It was super hard with Jace! He just wanted to eat the props or play with them.  

I got my lovies a little V-day gift because I love them.  Jace got some Gerber puffs because he eats those like candy, and a sippy cup and a cute V-day sock monkey.  I got Dane some Valentine candy, a Star wars heart box of chocolate and it came with a Star Wars mug, and batting gloves which he has been wanting.  

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