Thursday, March 5, 2015

9 months & Well Check

Baby Boy is 9 months!!! How is that even possible?? It's all gone by so fast, and it makes me sad. 

9 months has brought more adventure, faster crawling, the courage to venture out of the room that I'm in, the desire to pull up every chance he gets, and to let go and stand unassisted for about 10 seconds. It has brought more babbling and sounds like dadadada. But, we all know that it's just a sound not the word dad because we have a deal that momma will be first. ;) This month has brought more bo bos which has lead to removing tables and plants from our main room.  It has also brought the ability to hold his own bottle when he isn't too lazy to do so.  It has also brought lots more giggles and laughs and cuddles where he slams his forehead where it meets yours and squishes his nose up against your nose. It's the sweetest little gesture that I know is his way to show love. 9 months has not brought more sleep. I've lost hope that he will ever learn to sleep longer than 3 hours. 

9 months has brought a unique quirk that is weird and funny all at the same time. Jace has a sock fetish now. He is attached to my socks. Not just any socks, but my warm and fuzzy socks that I love to wear around the house when my feet are cold. It's hard to explain exactly how deep his obsession is, but he is strongly attached. If he sees them he will whine until you hand it to him. And then he will LITERALLY carry it in his hand the entire day. It will never leave his hand even when he is playing with other things. He even falls asleep a lot holding it. If you try and take it away from him he will throw a fit.  It's his security blanket. He will hold it, and chew on it and rub it on his face. It's crazy!! You will see one of my fuzzy socks in his hand in most pictures I have taken the last few weeks!! 

I took him for his 9 month well check and all is well.  He's growing and doing everything just like he should be.  I didn't get a picture while there because I was doing both his well check up along with Dane's at the same time so there was a lot going on.  It actually went very smoothly, we had 2 nurses that came in and divided and conquered.  Neither had to get shots this go round so all was well.  

Here is his stats:
21 lbs 5.5 oz and 27.5 inches long
78% for weight and 18% for height

He is a chunk, but I actually was surprised he only weighed what he did.  I just knew it would be much more.  I went back and looked at what Dane was at 9 months, and shockingly enough they were only off by a couple ounces.  Jace has caught up! He was a pound lighter and an inch shorter at birth! 
Dane's 9 month stats... crazy how close their stats are.  
21 lbs 3 oz and 27.5 inches long

It's been a fast 9 months!! 

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