Sunday, March 1, 2015

FEB- Happenings

The last couple of weeks of February was extremely low key.  The weather wasn't great, it was filled with many wet and dreary days so our time was mostly spent indoors. As much as I love cold weather I have to say that this year I am over it.  I'm tired of all the dreary days and desperately needing some sunshine and to get these kids outside!  I really didn't take many pictures because we didn't have much going on.  Life knew that we were about to get super busy, so it took an easy on us for a couple weeks.  

There's a reason it's called March Madness.  And not because of basketball!! February is the calm before the storm.  And then March rolls in and everything picks back up.   Organized Chaos at it's finest!  Kevin has a lot on his plate this month with teaching 2 classes at Concordia University along with his full time job, so he will be working a lot this spring, and Dane's baseball games start on Monday which is exciting but will keep us busy.  Our spring break is this month, along with school events, a wedding, church events etc etc.  

Just some random pictures from those last couple weeks in February. 

He's either sitting up or standing when I go into his room to get him.  Always so happy to see whoever is there.  Little guy wears me out at night.  Not only does he not sleep good, but about every other night he wakes up soaking wet, his clothes and his sheets.  Probably because he is a little fatty who wants to eat all night, so he fills up his diaper every couple of hours.  Having to change his sheets at 3AM, and his pjs just about does me in.  It just feels like such a chore in the middle of the night. So, he doesn't get fancy bedding with a cute bumpers and all that.  Because ain't nobody got time for that.  :)

We have all felt a little stir crazy the last few weeks.  Lots of "I'm bored" coming from the Wittschen house.  Sadly, not all has been from Dane! HAHA!!!
Dane made a hideout on the little couch and used a flashlight to do his daily school reading.  

Getting a little snoozer in when we went to Galveston to visit his Poppy.  He has been a trooper though with our visits.  They are usually really long days with the long drive and the hours spent there.  

Seriously how cute is this squishy nose smile.  Love it

 What my living room looks like 98% of the day.  Drives me bonkers.  Jace is into everything.  We have had to block the fireplace because he pulls off the panel that hides the gas wires, move the coffee table and side table because he kept pulling up and getting bo bos, and Kevin had to sand and re-paint our window ledge because Jace was able to chip off the paint, and move plants out of the room because he likes the taste of mulch.  Sigh!! 
And if you look close enough you might be able to spot Dane. 

Go Texan Day at school! Dane wore a pearl snap shirt, boot cut jeans and his new boots he got at Christmas.  He was going to bring his hat, but at the last minute decided he didn't like the way it felt so left it at home.  It would have been a distraction anyway.  

Our church had rodeo day as well.  I attempted to get some pics of Jace wearing his boots and hat, but they aren't great.  He was on the move and yanking that hat down as fast as I could put it on him! I didn't get a picture of Dane, but he was wearing something similar to his school picture, just a different pearl snap shirt.  

My sweet and loving husband pulled a nice prank on me one day.  You gotta love that he is so sweet to me.  Insert Eye roll and sarcasm tone.  
I got out of the shower and went to pick up my brush and he had this fake cock roach hiding perfectly under my brush handle.  It was hidden so good that I ended up picking it up also and then felt something "move" in my hand.  Words do not describe how loud I screamed, and how far the brush went when I threw it and how freaked out I was.  I basically flipped out.  Scared me to death. Dane came running from upstairs to see why I was screaming.  Kevin couldn't breath he was laughing so hard.  Needless to say I was a little annoyed with that sweet hubby of mine.  

We hadn't been to lego club in a few months, because we had scheduling conflicts, so we were able to make it in February.  Dane likes going even though we have just as many legos at home.  He likes the social part of it, and the themes that he is told to build.  

Next up...
March Madness:
J turning 9 months
J & D's well check
Anniversary Date
Spring Break

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