Monday, March 23, 2015


I totally dropped the ball on St Patrick's Day this year, not that I do much for it normally but I didn't get Jace a cute green shirt or anything.  It's his first one, so I should have.  Dane's spring pictures at school was on Patty's day, which I found odd that they would schedule it on that day. But, he had lots of shirts that had green in it to pick from.  I even remembered to take a picture of him before school that morning.  
But, Jace and I didn't leave the house while Dane was at school, so I totally forgot that it was St. Patrick's until Dane came home and asked why Jace wasn't wearing green and if he could pinch him.  Um, let's try no.  
We had to run to the grocery store and Target to pick up a couple things, so I dug around and found a onesie that was green.  And I didn't even take a picture of him at home, I forgot but remembered while at the store when I saw a worker wearing a lime green top hat, green beads and had green knee socks on.  He went all out for the holiday.  Ha! 

So, here is my lame attempt at celebrating the green holiday.  

Our church had a big event called Nerf Wars and Dane has been talking about this for weeks! He was so excited that Kevin was the one bringing him.  Everyone brought their own Nerf gun, and our church provided the bullets. I stayed home with the baby, didn't think it would be safe to bring him. And, I figured he would have more fun with his dad, since this was a total BOY event. There were several rooms set up with different activities to do.  Some of Dane's favorites were the plain ol battle where you shot tons of bullets and dodged getting hit, capture the flag, and the glow in the dark maze. He had an absolute blast! Kevin texted me a couple pictures and I cracked up because Dane was wearing construction type goggles.  Evidently all the kids were required to wear safety glasses of some sort.

Dane's Friday night baseball game, and his Opening Day festivities on Saturday morning got rained out.  Who's tired of all the rain??? ME!!!

Friday night I had a much needed girl's night out with my favorites.  We had dinner at Pappasitas and then spent the night at the Rodeo watching The Band Perry perform.  It was a GREAT concert!! The night was filled with lots and lots of laughs, and we had so much fun that I hated for it to end! Girlfriends are good for the soul! 16 years of friendship right here! 

 Fried oreos are the best!! Especially at the Rodeo!

   Dane ended up getting sick this weekend and throwing up Sunday evening, so he got to skip school today.  I didn't know if he was contagious, so I decided last night he shouldn't go to school. 
Of course, he wakes up and was totally fine today.  He was back to normal and showing no signs of being sick.  Isn't that the way it goes??? So, after letting him "rest" this morning and watching more tv than he should have I decided we needed to get out of the house because it was... wait for it... gorgeous outside.  Shocking I know! The sun was out and the temperatures were great so we went to Sonic to get a drink and then went to a park right down the street from our house.  There were no kids there, so I didn't have to worry about him being around other kids.  

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