Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Misc.

I'm on a roll today!! 4th blog post in one day!! So keep scrolling and hit older posts to see all the new pics on the blog.  Jace took a nice nap this morning, longer than usual so I was trying to bust some out! 
And he's asleep again, so I'm going try and get this one out before he wakes back up!! 

This is just all the random pics that didn't make the other posts.  And they aren't in order, but it's too much effort to try and re-organize them.  

Dane looking all serious doing his reading.

Jace with his bo bo on his nose.  This was when it was getting better. Poor little guy... constantly pulling up and falling and hurting himself. There's a nice bruise on his head too I'm noticing.  :(

 Dane is so patient with Jace.  Lets him crawl all over him, and he just laughs and laughs while making Jace laugh.

 Look MOM!! No Hands!! Just a sock helping to keep my balance!

 A couple days after his nose got messed up.

Lunch date with my friends Christy and Leslie
Sorority sisters!
 Dane reading to Jace... melts my heart.

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail!
 Spit anyone??
 Total sweetness!

I ran to the mall the other day and let Dane play on the playground for a few minutes.  Jace waned to play too.  Lots of standing without holding on!
 And he suddenly learned to climb stairs there!!
Now, our stairs has been found and it's his new thing to crawl too.  Wears me out.  Kevin is putting up our gate tonight, actually!

 I never grocery shop if I can help it with the kids.  It's not fun for anyone.  But, After spring break we needed food bad, and Kevin had tons of work to do so I bit the bullet.  But, Dane entertained Jace the whole time! They weren't bad at all!

And drum roll... that brings me completely caught up with where we are today except for Dane's baseball game that was last night!! Woohoo!! I did it! 4 posts in one day!! And... Jace is still sleeping!!!! WOW!

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