Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Ball is here!!

Baseball season is officially underway! We are cheering for the Cardinals this season!! 
  Our opening day isn't till Saturday, but our first game was yesterday.  Dane has really been trying hard and putting in lots of effort.  He has been wanting Kevin to practice with him so he was ready for the season.  And, although we saw improvement last season in the fall he has really improved lately as Kevin and him would work together.  He's had a great attitude during their time at the batting cages and all the evenings that they practice in our yard.  He had a great game, and it's only the first one so I'm looking forward to watching him continue to improve this season.  He got 2 hits, both good but one was a really really strong hit right down the middle and a run.  The cardinals had their first win!! He really had a great time playing, which is key.  He had a great attitude the entire game, cheered for his teammates, and really seemed to enjoy being out there and playing baseball.  And Jace is Dane's biggest fan.  When he sees him he just lights up.  

Can we just have a moment of silence for Dane's white pants?!?!?
Before we even got to our field Dane had already gotten his pants muddy.  Who picks white as their color choice for pants for a team of 7 year old boys??? Our team.  That's who.  

It was a great evening!! Here's to a great season!!! 
Go Cardinals!! 

Check out Jace's eyes!! I didn't alter this picture at all, just a great shot with the sun shining just right to see his baby blues!! LOVE IT!!

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