Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break!!

Let me tell you... getting back into your routine after time off is HARD!! I'm sure it will take us this entire week to get back into our groove.  Last week was spring break, and we had a full week.  Dane surprisingly slept in till about 8:30 or later every day that he could which is really really late for him.  I'm thinking maybe the time change had something to do with it, but getting him up at 7:oo yesterday and today for school has been tough!! It's still pitch black outside, so I'm having to drag him out of the bed.  He is generally a morning person, but he has been so tired the last couple of days and not wanting to get up.  We also had his first baseball game last night, which made it extra tough this morning.  

We did not have the weather you hope for when you are out for spring break.  It has been wet and dreary and cold for the past month or more.  Really depressing and can make you feel crazy.  This past Saturday was the only day that we had sunshine, and I'm pretty sure that every person in Houston was outside soaking it all in!! 

Recap of our week.  Get ready... it's a lot. 
A look into my cell phone, and a little from my camera. 

Dane jumped off the bus that Friday with the biggest smile.  He was so excited to be on Spring Break!

Dane had been begging to have a "picnic", so Friday evening we grabbed our blanket and picked up a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's and hit up the park.  There were tons of kids there, so Dane was happy to be out of the house and getting to play.  It got a little chilly while we were there, and thankfully Jace's diaper bag had this beanie and jacket in it.  

Saturday we had lunch at Gringos on the patio next to their outdoor heaters.  Dane has recently taken a real liking and interest to Kevin's baseball cards that he still has.  He has been asking to use his money to buy himself a pack, so Kevin had taken him earlier that day shopping to buy some.  So, the entire time we were at Gringos they were discussing each card and what all the numbers on the back meant.    

 Saturday evening we had family movie night.  We went to Kroger and let Dane pick out some snacks at the store to make the night a little more special.  He picked gummy bears and pringles! I picked peanut m&ms and Kevin got white cheddar popcorn! We watched a movie that Dane had picked from the red box, I think it was called Troll Box.  It was a cute movie and Dane enjoyed us all hanging out!

Sunday was absolutely crazy.  Dane and I spent the ENTIRE day driving all over Texas.  Kevin and Jace stayed home because it would have been too hard having the baby in the car that long.  We left pretty early that morning and drove about 4 hours to Dallas for Gage's birthday party.  We got there a few hours early and hung out with Tabitha at her house before going to the gymnastic place that Gage's party was located. Dane had a blast!  Then after the party Dane and I got back on the road and headed to Orange which is a 6 hour drive.  The entire day it was raining and most of the roads going to Orange were 2 lanes, pitch black with no street lights and very curvy.  It was a stressful drive getting to Orange.  We got to Orange around 11:00 that night and Dane had slept the last couple hours in the car and went right back to sleep once we got there.  I had to take care of some stuff before I was able to crash myself.

Monday morning we were up by 4:30 and dressed and headed to the hospital.  My step dad had his surgery to finally put in his bone flap to protect his brain.  The surgery went great! Praise the Lord!  Dane and Ava were such troopers.  They spent 2 full days hanging out at the hospital with little sleep, and little to do and did great.  They played so well together, and really had a lot fun together.  We paid the hospital's light bill with the amount of snacks we bought.  We kept the popcorn worker working full time, and bought out the little treat shop.  But, I can't complain because Dane and Ava were so good at the hospital.  Never complained or anything!

While we were out of town Kevin was keeping the fort down at home and taking care of Jace.  Here's some pictures that I got from him while we were away

When we got back into town the next day Kevin took Dane to see the movie Sponge Bob.  

I got this text while they were at the movies.  Needless to say it wasn't a good choice in movie selection.  

Thursday we went bowling, which was a lot of fun.  It had been a while since we had done that.  

Friday afternoon Dane's good friend Liam from school came over for a play date.  The boys had so much fun! We ordered a pizza, and they played with every toy and lego that we own, played video games, and watched a movie.  Both were sad when Liam's mom came to pick him up.  

We ended Spring Break with a trip to College Station on Saturday to watch the Aggies play baseball.  I'll do a separate post for that.  It was the only nice day during spring break.  The weather was gorgeous, and it ended up being a perfect day!!  We all needed some sunshine!! Sunday we went to church and then Dane had baseball practice and we spent the rest of the day trying to get organized for the school week!

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