Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swing Batter Batter!!

Saturday was the one day out of probably 40 that we actually had sunshine and great weather.  So no better way to end spring break than an Aggie baseball game.  And going into this game the Aggies were undefeated, had won 19 games in a row.  Very exciting! They have been doing awesome.  And spoiler alert... the Aggies won at the game we went too, along with the next one as well! Pretty cool seeing their 20th win! They have now won 21 games in a row.  
We knew that the crowd could be huge with it being spring break and the first sunny day, and their awesome record but we decided it was something we wanted to do.  
It was a pretty exciting game.  We were down 0-2 the first couple innings, and then we caught up and it was tied.  Auburn then had bases loaded, and the crowd was going nuts.  Ags made a double play to end that inning.  And then the rest was history... we started scoring a lot! It was a great game! We had fun sitting out on the lawn watching the game.  Perfect day! Jace crawled around, and then got tired and Kevin was able to get him asleep and he slept on our blanket for about 45 minutes with the crowd going nuts! Crazy he can sleep at a baseball game, but not at our house.  Hmm.  
Before Jace fell asleep Kevin was holding him off to the side standing up so he didn't block people's view.  Dane was laying on the blanket and not paying attention when suddenly a foul ball came right to us! I panicked and basically threw myself on top of Dane while covering my head.  Well, the dad right in front of us got the ball.  Dane was not happy that I covered him instead of ME catching the ball.  That ball was right at us so technically that would have been our ball. But, you gotta catch it if you want it!  Dane was annoyed.  HAHA!! But hello, I protected his face from getting slammed with a ball.  I'm pretty sure that was more important.  If Kevin would have been with us on the blanket I guarantee he would have had that ball!  Too funny!! 
We had some friends that went to the game as well, so after it ended we met up and had dinner at Lupe's before heading back to Cypress.  It was a good day!! 

This is the life... chill'n in dad's lap with a snack and a sock at a baseball game.  :)

This kid always craves popcorn!! He prefers salty snacks over sweet... which is crazy in my opinion.  HA! I'm opposite!

Jace's new face... his tucked in lip look

pic of the view from the caged in playground.  Packed house!

After I took this picture Kevin put a hat over his face so it wouldn't get burned.  

Wow... I'm almost caught up!! 

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