Friday, April 10, 2015

10 Months

Another month post!! 
I'm late posting about it, but nothing new there! 

Baby J turned 10 months old on April 4th.  
It seriously blows my mind that he is already 10 months old, and so close to his 1st birthday.  Life goes by so fast.  

Jace is still a extremely happy baby.  Loves to laugh and giggle and gets so excited when you make eye contact and talk to him.  This month has brought out a little bit of a clingy side to him.  Who am I kidding... he is a stage 5 clinger.  HAHA  He wants you close and gets a little fussy if you try and go to another room if he sees you.  He doesn't go to anyone anymore, it does take a little warming up before he will open his arms for a new person to hold him.  He is definitely a mommy's boy, wants me right there by his side at all times.  But, Dane and Kevin can make him belly laugh like no body's business! 
He has gotten really fast at crawling, pulling up, cruising along the furniture with one hand, and is acting like he will start walking at any point! He is into everything!! And finds the smallest crap to put in his mouth, I feel like I'm digging stuff out of his mouth about 17 times a day! 
His 2 front top teeth have started to come out, one more than the other but you can see both really easily when his moth is open and head is back.  He is a chunk, a serious chunk.  He wears mostly 12-18 month clothes.  Getting shorts or pants over his chunky thighs seems to be the hard part.  And changing his diaper and clothes is probably the hardest part of our day.  It's like wrestling a small bull.  He wants to flip and crawl away and he does this crazy thing with his legs where he locks them down so it makes it really hard to get the diaper on, and then kicks his feet at a lightening speed so putting his legs through pant holes is extremely hard.  
This month brought more sleep... and then it went away.  For 3 weeks he slept 9 straight hours at night which was huge!! We were so excited! But, this week he has reverted back to his old ways.  Old habits are hard to break I guess.  He has been waking up hungry a couple times at night again.  SIGH!!! 
He now waves at people and I think he is learning what words mean.  When I say bye bye he will wave his hand and start crawling towards our gate.  He also knows when he has something that he isn't suppose to have such as our tv remote.  He will stare at me while holding it until I look at him, and then when I start walking towards him to get it he will take off crawling away from me.  Little stinker.  

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robin said...

He is the most adorable little boy. So Happy!!!