Thursday, April 23, 2015

A little of this and that

Since I wrote about Jace turning 10 months he has started doing some things that need to be written down and remembered.  
- Has officially learned to say momma and says it over and over and over.  For a few days straight that was the only sound he would make.  Momma Momma Momma Momma Momma Momma, but has since then gone back to mixing it up with dada and momma and baba which I think he is trying to say bye bye.  

- Has 4 teeth now.  Well, 3 and a half.  He already had his bottom two, and has since grown his top two.  One is more out than the other.  

- will wave bye bye and and tries to say it

- is on the verge of being a walker.  He can take anywhere from 4-8 steps by himself before falling.  He is still pretty wobbly, but anytime he is standing he will try and walk with his hands in the air to keep his balance.  Any day now I feel like it will click and it will be game over.  

I attempted to get some pictures outside, but it lasted 2.5 seconds because he wanted to eat the grass.  

The rain has been such a downer lately.  I feel like we live in Seattle with all the rain we have gotten over the last several months.  It's nice to have a couple days here and there to be forced to stay inside and be lazy, but it gets a bit depressing after a while.  Kevin is in a softball league and the season started a couple months ago and he has only gotten to play 1 game so far because of rain outs and the field being too wet.  And Dane's season has just been a mess with all the rain outs.  As I'm sitting here typing this it's starting to sprinkle and the forecast is showing more rain.  BLAH!
So, any day that we have had just a tiny bit of sunshine I try and get outside and soak it up. 
Jace likes to swing, he is usually pretty chill swinging and will chew on the strap flashing smiles when you talk to him.   

Last week Dane wanted me to have lunch with him at school.  It decided to start raining hard on my way and I had no umbrella.  Womp Womp.  It was a hot mess getting the stroller out of the car and getting Jace in buckled in and getting the food and diaper bag etc.  I managed to keep Jace mostly dry but I was soaking wet by the time I got into the front office to check in.  I'm sure the secretary thought I was crazy for doing lunch on a rainy day.  If I would have packed Dane a lunch that day I would have just not gone and done it another day.  But,  I had told him I would bring him food so what's a mom to do.  

We went to Galveston to visit my mom and stepdad for my mom's birthday.  Of course once again it was raining so we just hung out at the rehab facility and ordered a pizza because it would have been too hard in the rain to get everyone in and out of the car.  It was a good day though, it was nice to see both of them and spend the day celebrating my mom's birthday.  David is doing really good, getting stronger and improving each day.  God is good! It's been a long hard road for him and my mom.  It's been 4 1/2 months since his brain injury but things are looking up.  

Jace is starting to know when he isn't suppose to have something and it's pretty funny.  He will for instance grab the remote and just stare at me until I look over at him like he is waiting for me to tell him no and then he will take off crawling at lightening speed away from me all while laughing.  Such a cute little stinker.  Sometimes, he gets into something that could be dangerous like the panel on my fireplace that covers the wires and if my NO or Kevin's NO is a little too stern he will get the saddest pouty lip and his feelings get hurt and he will cry.  His pouty lip is the saddest thing I have ever seen, and always gets me.  

Dane had a baseball game this past Thursday, and it was an exciting game.  Our team made some great plays getting kids out and everyone was hitting solid hits. We were playing a team who had some psychotic coaches, who must have not read the manual on being a good sport.  It always takes me by surprise when you see coaches or parents acting like complete morons at a little league game.  So, we were extra happy when our team won!! Dane had a great game and got himself the game ball for the night.  He was so excited! 

Just some cuteness

Before the bus arrives brotherly love

Dane had a birthday party of his good friend Josh from his class on this past Saturday.  It was a swimming party, so Dane was so excited about it.  It was cloudy and a high change of rain the entire day but the rained held off which was great.  Dane had so much fun and made him wish it was summertime even more, and it made him wish he could have a swimming party for his next birthday.  Little hard to make that happen with a January birthday.  

 The cake was incredible.  Josh's mom made it all herself, and I was just amazed!

Sunday morning Dane came downstairs all geared up for war.  He had gone all out, and all I could do was laugh which he did not appreciate.  

He was very upset that we wouldn't let him wear this getup to church.  But, as soon as we got home he changed right back into his gear.  Kevin and Dane did some yard work, and Jace and I sat outside on a blanket watching them.  It was the first sunny day in forever so we soaked up the sun!

 This kid has an imagination like no other. 

That's all for now! 

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robin said...

Jace is so darn cute. I notice in some pictures he looks like Hadley.
Dane is adorable in his baseball uniform. Thanks for posting. Mom loves pictures of babies.