Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baseball and Weddings

Dane's 2nd game and opening day festivities got cancelled last week due to the bad weather that we had for a straight 2 months.  It was a bummer because the opening day was something Dane and his team were looking forward to participating in.  The kids enjoy riding in the back of their coach's trucks and throwing candy to everyone watching them in the parade, and then after the opening day ceremonies there is usually an area set up with bouncy houses, and food and games.  His game was rescheduled for later in the season, but the league decided to just eliminate the opening day festivities since the season had started and it's so busy.  Womp womp.  

There was a big break from Dane's first game, and his game he played on Saturday.  This game was a bit of a doozy, mainly because Dane suddenly started having allergy problems like never before.  So before the game even started he was sneezing a lot and his eyes were itching, and he was rubbing them quite a bit.  One of his teammates had that black makeup you see athletes wear under their eyes and the whole team wanted to wear it.  Huge mistake, and Dane will never wear it again!!! HA At least not in little league.  Well, Dane had it on and he looked super cute to begin with, and was super excited to be looking like quite the professional.  Until... about 3 minutes later when he started rubbing his eyes and the black stuff went everywhere.  Before the game even started he had black stuff all over his face.  All in his hair, all over his forehead, on his pants, all over his hands etc etc.  Ugh.  It was a mess.  Then it got in his eyes, and it just went downhill after that.  Dane wasn't focused on the game, on batting or anything.  His eyes were swollen and red and driving him crazy so needless to say this game was a thumbs down.  I only got a picture of him before, and when it went downhill I put my camera away and called it a day.  

Kevin and I had to leave his game a few minutes early because we were going out of town for a dear friend's wedding in Georgetown.  My cousin Haley drove in from College Station to stay with the boys while we were away.  I can't even tell you how much we appreciated her doing this.  This wedding was really important to us, Becca is a sweet friend of mine from way back in the day when I was in x-ray school and I couldn't imagine missing her big day.  My mom has so much on her plate right now with my step dad's injury, so it would have been impossible for her to get away for the weekend.  We are so grateful that Haley wanted to come, and was able to help us out the way she did.  And of course, Dane was over the moon when he heard that Haley was coming to stay with him! 
We love you Haley!! You were a life saver and we realllllllly appreciated it!!!! 

So, after we left the baseball game we headed out to Georgetown and had time to stop at the hotel and get ready before heading to the chapel where Becca was getting married.  Her wedding was beautiful, and the reception was off the charts fun.  She is super creative, funny, silly, dainty, girlie and romantic and her wedding and reception included all of that.  The wedding was in a beautiful chapel on SouthWest University's campus in Georgetown, and then we drove to this really neat reception hall out in the country.  Instead of a wedding cake she had tiny pies with all kinds of flavors, which was soooo cute! We had a great dinner, and we really enjoyed the band.  Becca had light up tambourines and glow in the dark glasses for the dance floor, and we all shook maracas when it was time to say goodbye to the bride and groom.  So much fun!!! We loved it and had the best night ever.  
My pictures are pretty dark and grainy, the downside of using your cell phone instead of a real camera. 
I wish I had gotten more pictures of the reception hall, because it looked so pretty!!
Congrats Becca and Josh!! May you have years and years of happiness!! 

The groom is an Aggie, and Becca has lived in College Station for a long time so at the end of the night ... you know it 
The Aggie War Hymn was played!! Can you spot Kevin?
 Shaking our bon bons  I mean maracas when Josh and Becca left and got in their limo!! So Fun!!!!

And a couple random cell phone pictures I just found that I forgot about
 Sometimes Jace gets where he isn't suppose to be and Dane comes to the rescue and then he laughs and laughs when Dane is carrying him.  
 Mr. Saggy pants

Dane had a game last night, and I totally dropped the ball and forgot my camera.  :(  This game was much better, no allergy problems getting in the way.  
He played pitcher and catcher and got a good solid hit.  He did good even though it was late, and he was tired from a long day at school.  We have another break from games with Easter weekend coming up. 
He's so funny.  He was excited about this week's snack and wanted me to take a picture so I wouldn't forget that he wanted us to bring this when it's our turn to provide snacks.  Ha

I'm ready for the 3 day wknd that is coming up! 

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