Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

I have a bunch of random pictures from the past week or so that I need to put on here, but I'm going to skip them for now and go straight to the Easter weekend and I'll add those pictures later. 

 Before I get to the actual weekend here is a picture of Jman with the Easter Bunny.  It's a little fuzzy because I took a picture with my phone of the actual picture.  We attempted to get a picture at the Willowbrook Mall, but they must have lost their mind recently because they wanted me to pay $30 to get a single picture with the Easter Bunny, and using your cell phone or personal camera wasn't allowed.  So, I had to politely tell them that this company was running a scam, and there was a reason that no one was in line.  Call me cheap... but that's ridiculous.  So, we went to Bass Pro instead, where wait for it... the picture was FREE.  Anywho, Dane was too cool for school this year.  He had seen the Easter Bunny a few weeks before when we ran into the mall and he had told me then that he knew that was just some guy in a bunny costume. 
 His exact words were "that bunny is not real, it's just a guy in a costume.  Do you ACTUALLY think the Real Easter Bunny would be a white bunny and be hanging out at THIS mall??? No, the REAL Bunny is gray and he doesn't take pictures"
Cracked me up!!! So, when I went to take Jace he didn't want to go, which was fine.  But, I had baby pictures of Dane with the Easter Bunny so wanted Jace to have one too.  

After we went to the Shell Houston Open we came home and got ready and then went to our church's Good Friday service.  Jace literally cried the entire time he was in the nursery.  He was already being clingy that day, and when I dropped him off he lost it.  :( It broke my heart, and I stayed around and tried to get him to calm down and play with toys.  He did stop crying long enough to go on a ride on the bye bye buggie, but the nursery worker said as soon as they walked back into his room he started crying again.  Tough on this mommy heart. Dane had to go into the adult service with us since there was no children's church on Friday.  When I say that he asked 56,745 questions during that hour I'm not exaggerating.  HA It was all questions about the service, and him just wanting to fully understand what the songs meant, and what words meant that the preacher said, and why were their guys next to Jesus on the cross, and why one was being mean to Jesus and on and on and on.  I love that he truly loves to learn, but it made for a long hour long service.  :)

I tried to get a couple pictures of the boys before church, we only lasted a couple minutes because it was soooooo humid outside and we were sweating and neither was really feeling it.  

Saturday we drove to Orange to hang out with family.  Saturday evening we went over to my Aunt Darla's house and hung out with her and my cousins and let the kids play.  
Dane left a note for the "Real" Easter Bunny at our house letting him know that we would be in Orange and my mom's address. He wasn't too cool to get a visit from the Bunny and get some Easter goodies! 
We woke up Sunday morning earl... really early and got to see that the Easter Bunny had come to Orange and left some fun stuff! Dane was really excited and loved what he had brought him.  He got 2 more books in the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series, baseball cards, and a Skylander figure and a DS game along with some candy.  The Easter Bunny hid some eggs around the living room with $1s in the eggs.  Jace liked his basket too.  He got a couple Easter books, maracas, eggs with little people in them and a little soft blanket with the hopes that he would grow attach to it and let go of the sock addiction.  So far, he wants nothing to do with the blanket and is still all about having a sock in his hand.  Sigh.  

Jace woke up with his pjs all wet, so he got put in his clothes for the day before Dane came rolling into the room.  

Then we went to my Pappy's house to not only celebrate Easter, but also to celebrate his 90th birthday! Wow! We had a big group that all came, sadly my mom and David weren't able to come from Galveston.  But, we had a good time hanging out and the kids had a blast.  We had an Easter egg hunt and a BBQ lunch and then a cake for my grandpa.  It was a fun day!!

Here is the 7 littlest great grand kids.  
Bella, Jace, Dane, Sean, Jack, Hadley, & Baylor
These kids had the best time playing together those 2 days.  Lots of laughter and so much energy came from these cuties.  

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