Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shell Houston Open

We had the opportunity to volunteer at the Shell Houston Open through Dane's golf league, First Tee.  If you volunteered then you were given a free parking pass and free admission into the Houston open to watch the tournament.  Kevin had never been so was looking forward to seeing what it was all about, and it gave Dane a chance to watch real golfers do their thing.  

We volunteered to do the 11:30-2:30 shift on Good Friday. We got there early and went to all the tents that were set up and looked around and then watched a little of the tournament before heading to the First Tee tent and station.  First Tee had a big 9 hole putting area for people to do, so our job was to tell people about First Tee and to help pass out clubs and balls etc to those who wanted to participate.  Dane did the 9 holes about 76 times in those 3 hours.  He had so much fun and never got bored while we were there.  He told us that it was a good day for him, and that he likes playing golf.  He would do a few rounds and then go to the tent and hold the First Tee sign to get people to come in, and then come back and do more rounds.  

At one point Kevin and Dane took a break and went and watched some more of the tournament.  Our station was near the 18th hold, so there was a big crowd surrounding that. When Kevin was taking Dane to watch the golfers they got stopped at a walkway, we weren't sure what was going on but then in rolls the 1st President Bush and his wife Barbara on a golf cart surrounded by other golf carts with security on them.  Kevin was close enough where he was able to tell him hi which was exciting. But, it happened so fast that neither of us got a picture of him.  Security escorted him into the stands at the 18th hole for him to watch the tournament.  I'd have to say that it was pretty neat getting to see the President there!   

It was super humid and overcast while we were there, but it was a fun experience!  Dane's golf lessons start back up next week, Dane is super excited to get back to the course!

 Dane had to wear his First Tee shirt with khakis so I put Jace in a white polo and khakis also to look the part.  Kevin and I had to wear a red Shell volunteer shirt we were given with khakis

 Doing some swings at the Golf smith tent

 The Geico tent gave Dane a Geico cover to put on top of his clubs.  

 Jace guarding the golf balls

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