Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day

I'm just getting around to posting about Mother's Day.  I had a great weekend and was spoiled by my boys.  I started off the weekend On Thursday evening.  My mom came into town to stay the night and go with us to see Dane's play the next day.  So, after spending some time with the boys we snuck off to our favorite restaurant, Gringos of course, to spend some QT eat queso and drink ritas.  We had a great evening, it had been a while that I was able to spend time with her with all that is going on.  

sad... this is the only picture I got of us.  HA!

Friday Dane got off the bus and had a surprise for me.  He had brought money to school and bought me a flower.  I seriously had no idea he was doing this, and it shocked me that I didn't know.  Dane is terrible at keeping secrets... TERRIBLE! So, the fact that he managed to keep this secret and bring money to school without me having a clue blew my mind! I even saw him that day at school for his play, but his lips were sealed! He was soooooooo proud too that he had a flower for me, it was the sweetest thing! Also, in his class they made a little book for us moms.  He was super cute when he gave it to me.  
 Here is just a few of the many pages that were in this book.  Hilarious to say the least.  

This one cracked me up.  For one making lunches isn't my favorite thing.  And this pretty much sums up how I look while making lunches.  HA!  Crazy bed head in full force!

Dane didn't want to wait till Sunday to give me my gift that him and Kevin and Jace got me, so he talked Kevin into giving it to me Friday night.  He told me to go lay in my bed and they would bring it to me in my bedroom.  Dane walked in with a bed tray and a gift bag.  Inside the gift bag was a remote control for a tv for the bedroom.  I had mentioned recently that I needed a place to veg out while Kevin and Dane were watching their silly shows on their other 2 tvs.  So, Kevin treated me to my very own retreat! While I was looking at the cards Dane decided that he would "serve" me a drink incase I got thirsty while watching my new tv.  He came back with this.  I died.  Hilarious.  
Then a little later he told me he wanted to make me "dinner" but the only thing he knew how to make was toast.  His intentions were spot on, but I couldn't help but think it was hilarious!!
Doesn't that toast look delicious??? :)

The next morning Dane wanted me to stay in bed again, so he could serve me breakfast.  He was taking his role to spoil me very seriously.  I'm not a huge breakfast person, so I asked if I could just have a breakfast taco, so that's what I got.  

Later that day on Saturday we headed to Orange.  We hung out at my mom's for a while, Dane got to go swimming and we just relaxed till that evening. My aunt was performing in a show called Listen to your Mother that night so I came into town for that.  The boys stayed at the house while I went with my mom, niece, aunts and cousins to watch the show.  The show was sort of like a dramatic reading where 12 different people read their personal story about motherhood.  There were hilarious stories, and emotional, and dramatic, and heartwarming and everything in between.  It was a great show, and so fun to spend time with my family while supporting my aunt.  

We came back to Cypress on Sunday, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Kevin went and picked up some to-go Gringos and we watched tv and did nothing the rest of the day.  It was a great weekend! 
This little guy gave me lots of smiles and loved on me like normal days! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

11 months!!!

11 months on the 4th!!! It's seriously mind blowing that he is almost 1 years old.  Someone hold me.  I hate that the baby stage goes by so fast.  He is in such a sweet stage, and I wish he could stay like this for a while longer.  

At 10 1/2 months he became a full on walker.  I had posted a few weeks ago that he was starting to take 8 or so steps without falling, and I think the next day he really took off.  He never stops moving.  He's not able to stand yet without anything to pull up on, but the second he is up he is trucking.  He's gotten pretty fast, sometimes letting his top half get ahead of himself and lose his balance.  

He is now really busy.  I'm talking a busy busy bee.  He is on the go the entire day getting into everything he can.  He is quick to find an open door and make an escape to something he isn't suppose to play with.  

Sleeping has gotten better.  I hate to even write that because I'm sure I will jinx it.  He is more consistent with naps and usually takes 2 really good naps, and occasionally will throw in a short 3rd during the day.  He is sleeping better at night, most nights will sleep from about 7:30 or 8 to 5:00 or 6.  

Jace is a great eater, is really starting to enjoy table food.  I hope that it continues! Everything goes into his mouth.  He is able to find the smallest things that is invisible to the human eye and put it in his mouth.  I'm constantly having to chase him and dig stuff out.  

He is mostly happy and giggles and smiles most of the day.  Hungry or overly tired are the two things that get him fussy.  He does not do well any longer being contained to a stroller because he is wanting to get out and run around.  He has the sweetest personality and his whole face will light up when he is happy. He understands when you say "Lets go bye bye".  If he thinks you are too far away from him hen you announce you are going bye bye he will freak out and start crawling or walking as fast as he can.  He has some separation anxiety which I think is normal.  

If Dane is home he will follow him all around and loves for Dane to pretend that he is chasing him.  He will watch and laugh when Dane is being silly.  During the day he is always right where I am.  If I go to another room he is not far behind me, wants me to be near.  He lights up when he hears the door close in the afternoon and he sees his dad walking in.  He loves his people! 

He loves being sang to and having me do the little piggies with his toes.  He claps and throws his hands in the air when he gets excited, and has started giving open mouth kisses when he is being super sweet.  
He's just the best little thing, brings so much joy to our family and has the sweetest personality.  

 I didn't realize while we were taking pictures until I put him in the car that his little hands had gotten filthy.  No way I could edit it out either.  :( Oh, well he's a boy and boys get dirty! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy Week

This past week was probably our busiest one that we have had in a while.  Dane had a ton of stuff going on, his schedule was overflowing last week which made for one tired momma! Ha
I was so happy when Friday afternoon rolled around and I could sigh a big sigh of relief.  
Dane had his first grade field trip on Monday morning, and then after school his museum night and book fair and then a baseball game.  He had golf lessons Tuesday and Thursday after school, baseball practice scheduled for Wednesday, and his school play on Friday.  I had signed up to volunteer at his school Wednesday and Thursday, which at the time I volunteered sounded like a great idea, but I should have thought it through better because it was just too much added stuff for the week.  On top of all this because Dane's grade had field day on Friday and the kids were checked out early their Friday spelling test was postponed to this week along with their normal scheduled spelling test. So, he had 2 spelling lists to study for.  Dane also had his normal weekly homework, but again with field day we were given the homework paperwork on Monday versus Friday when we normally get it.  Dane typically gets all of his homework done on Sundays for the week except for his daily reading so he doesn't have to spend all of his evenings working on spelling and math.  Getting it later than normal added more stuff to do during the week on top of studying for his big end of the year math benchmark test that he had to take on Wednesday and Thursday.  He had 3 review guides he needed to review for his math test. It was a lot!! I don't like the feeling of being overly busy and not enough time to take care of it all.  By Wednesday I felt like Dane was super behind on school work so we opted out of baseball practice that evening.  I think he was relieved and I was just excited to get him caught up on everything and have an evening at home.  Once he was done with his school stuff and had taken both parts of his benchmark test I felt a lot better.  
It's just the end of the year madness.  You know summer break is getting near when your schedule gets full full full! 

I didn't get pictures from everything but here's a look at some of it. 

Dane's field trip was suppose to be to Brenham to the Bluebell factory, but as we have all heard there is some problems so the factory canceled all field trips.  The administrators had a hard time finding another place that could take the entire first grade class since it was so last minute, but HEB came through and let the kids come there.  When I heard that it was going to be HEB which is maybe a mile if that from his school I was a little disappointed for him if I'm being honest.  But, his teacher did a great job at selling it to the kids even though she had no idea what the field trip would entail.  But... Dane had an absolute blast, and I heard that HEB did phenomenal at making the tour super fun and enjoyable for the kids.   The kids got to see all the ins and outs from the store, go into a huge walk in the freezer, help the bakery department make pastries, learn all about the cashier's job etc etc and even got to eat cookies and ice cream at the end.  Dane came home talking all about it and now wants me to start shopping there with him tagging along (I'm a Kroger's girl) so he can get HEB buddy bucks.  And he learned all about healthy eating, and wait for it.... and even wants me to put vegetables on his plate every meal and the last few meals has asked for more carrots and peas.  HA! I'm like who is this child?? 
We'll see how long it lasts! 
Anyway, he had a great time and came home with a bag full of buddy bucks, and coloring sheets and other fun fact sheets etc.  

Dane got home from school Monday changed into his baseball uniform and then we headed right back to the school for museum night and book fair.  We went and looked at his art piece he had chosen to be in the museum and then headed to the library for book fair.  We were pressed for time because he had his baseball game, so I completely forgot to snap a picture of his artwork.  We let him pick out a couple books and then I took note of some other books that he was wanting.  I volunteered at the book fair twice during the week and got to pick a free book for each day that I worked.  Dane was so excited and thankful when I came home with other books he was wanting.  

Another baseball game! 

Dane studying and doing practice tests for his benchmark.  

Last week was also teacher appreciation week so I made a couple desserts for the luncheon, and brought a gift for Dane's teacher.

Jace still loves his fuzzy socks.  Here he is with it laying over his eyes while he drank his bottle.  And he put the sock there himself!! Hilarious.  He's rotten.

I didn't get any pictures from golf this week.  womp womp. 
Dane had his first grade play on Friday morning. They performed the musical BUGZ, and it was super duper cute.  He got to pick what kind of bug he was going to be and of course he picked to be an army ant.  He did so good and was really into the motions and singing the songs.  

Jace turned 11 months on the 4th.  I'll do a separate post for that and about mother's day weekend.