Monday, May 11, 2015

11 months!!!

11 months on the 4th!!! It's seriously mind blowing that he is almost 1 years old.  Someone hold me.  I hate that the baby stage goes by so fast.  He is in such a sweet stage, and I wish he could stay like this for a while longer.  

At 10 1/2 months he became a full on walker.  I had posted a few weeks ago that he was starting to take 8 or so steps without falling, and I think the next day he really took off.  He never stops moving.  He's not able to stand yet without anything to pull up on, but the second he is up he is trucking.  He's gotten pretty fast, sometimes letting his top half get ahead of himself and lose his balance.  

He is now really busy.  I'm talking a busy busy bee.  He is on the go the entire day getting into everything he can.  He is quick to find an open door and make an escape to something he isn't suppose to play with.  

Sleeping has gotten better.  I hate to even write that because I'm sure I will jinx it.  He is more consistent with naps and usually takes 2 really good naps, and occasionally will throw in a short 3rd during the day.  He is sleeping better at night, most nights will sleep from about 7:30 or 8 to 5:00 or 6.  

Jace is a great eater, is really starting to enjoy table food.  I hope that it continues! Everything goes into his mouth.  He is able to find the smallest things that is invisible to the human eye and put it in his mouth.  I'm constantly having to chase him and dig stuff out.  

He is mostly happy and giggles and smiles most of the day.  Hungry or overly tired are the two things that get him fussy.  He does not do well any longer being contained to a stroller because he is wanting to get out and run around.  He has the sweetest personality and his whole face will light up when he is happy. He understands when you say "Lets go bye bye".  If he thinks you are too far away from him hen you announce you are going bye bye he will freak out and start crawling or walking as fast as he can.  He has some separation anxiety which I think is normal.  

If Dane is home he will follow him all around and loves for Dane to pretend that he is chasing him.  He will watch and laugh when Dane is being silly.  During the day he is always right where I am.  If I go to another room he is not far behind me, wants me to be near.  He lights up when he hears the door close in the afternoon and he sees his dad walking in.  He loves his people! 

He loves being sang to and having me do the little piggies with his toes.  He claps and throws his hands in the air when he gets excited, and has started giving open mouth kisses when he is being super sweet.  
He's just the best little thing, brings so much joy to our family and has the sweetest personality.  

 I didn't realize while we were taking pictures until I put him in the car that his little hands had gotten filthy.  No way I could edit it out either.  :( Oh, well he's a boy and boys get dirty! 

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