Sunday, May 3, 2015

All 'bout that Jace, 'bout that Jace, no treble

I had to!! :)
You can thank me for getting that song stuck in your head. HA

This post is nothing but a crazy insane amount of cute pictures of Jman from just an ordinary day at home.  I went a little camera happy because he was in such a good mood, I just couldn't help myself.
Yes, he does wear pants, although from the looks of several of my posts you would think otherwise.  We always start off the day wearing pants, but as the day goes on and after wrestling him to get them back on after diaper changes they tend to not stay on most days.
And for some reason his hair always looks like it has red in it when I take pictures of him in our living room, it doesn't.  His hair is more blondish brownish unlike how Dane's was when he was a baby.  Dane had more strawberry blonde in his.  Our house isn't great for indoor pictures, it lacks a lot of natural light.  Something that bugs me every time I take pictures!!  That will be my main requirement the next time we buy a house!! Natural light and a lot of it is at the top of my want list!


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