Sunday, May 3, 2015

Life Lately

Can you believe it is already MAY??? Man, this year has flown by.  We are in the end of the school year mode.  23 more days of first grade!! It's hard to believe!!  This time of the year is always busy or I let me say full! I read an article the other day about using the word "busy".  When we have a lot going on or on our plate we tend to complain about how "busy" we are, and it can sound negative.  And most of us being busy is self inflicted.  We add tons of stuff to our calendars such as kid's extra curricular activities, or end of the year parties that we don't necessarily have to do but want to do, and then turn around and complain how "busy" we are.  The article talked about using the word "full" instead can sound more positive and that we should be thankful that we have a full life.  I can't remember where I saw the article or I would link it on here, but it was a good one.  So, I'm trying to remember that although we are busy it's a good busy! 

This weekend and this coming up week is a FULL one.  Dane had field day at school Friday and then a baseball game that night, and then another baseball game early Saturday morning.  He goes on his first grade field trip Monday, and then has his art museum night/book fair after school and then another baseball game Monday evening.  Tuesday and Thursday he has golf lessons, and baseball practice Wednesday.  He is taking his Math big end of the year benchmark exam Wednesday and Thursday, and ends the week with his first grade play on Friday.  We are getting slammed with baseball games now since we have had so many rained out the past few weeks.  

A big peek into the last week or so...
My view most mornings.  Dane eating breakfast and Jace right there next to him.  Dane rubs his head and talks to him while he eats breakfast and Jace laughs and laughs.  And yes, Dane sits on a towel because he is soooo stinking messy.  
Some cuteness

Jace watching his brother's golf lesson.  It's getting harder to keep him entertained while golf lessons and baseball practices/games are going on because Jace wants to get out of his stroller and walk around. He doesn't like being contained and is on the move!!
Dane is loving golf!! When I had originally signed him up for the spring it wasn't going to interfere with baseball but with all the rain outs baseball is getting pushed back several weeks to get it all in.  So, he is doing both at the same time.  

Dane likes going to the driving range to practice hitting balls.  Notice the camo shirt again.  It's his new favorite.  I bought the shirt for his first grade play that is coming up, but he seriously asks to wear it everyday.

After we went to the driving range last weekend we headed over to the mall to get the boys bathing suits.  Dane wanted to push the stroller, because he really is a helpful big brother 98% of the time.  Kevin took the boys over to the play area while I ran around to a few stores.  I came back and Dane was a sweaty mess from running around in the big play fort, and Jace had just as much fun in the baby section walking around.
We went to a little pizza restaurant in the mall after they played and I shopped.  I caught some brotherly love action going on.  Jace and Dane giving each other eskimo kisses.  Jace will put his forehead up to yours and wants you to put your nose on his.  He has just started opening his mouth real wide to give real slobbery kisses.  Sweetness!

Just doing a little reading
So, we have a little situation going on.  Jace is chewing on his crib rail.  So much that I go in to get him and he has black specs all over his face and the entire rail is now chipped and teeth marks everywhere!! Not sure how to make it stop, and it's a little disheartening because the crib is new and will turn into his big bed, so Kevin will have to sand it and repaint it later to fix it.  Craziness I tell you!
Dane has to write sentences for his spelling homework, and this was his latest one.  Um... in love with a girl???? Say what?????
Here is Jace and his friend Madden at church riding the bye bye buggie.  His teacher sent me this picture to show me he was ok, because the drop off didn't go well.  Lots of tears, and I was feeling super anxious about leaving him.  He wouldn't smile for the picture, but she said he loved the ride and smiled for her a ton of times just now when she pulled out her phone.  
My little helper.  As soon as he hears that dishwasher opening he comes running so he can "help".  Same thing if I open the fridge or pantry or my bedroom door... he comes "running" to try and get in and do some damage.  He is into everything now!! Everything!!
He is an eating machine.  Loves everything you give him, and is doing good with table food! He had some of my cheesy chicken tetrazzini the other day and thought it was the best thing ever.
There is a small window that Jace is actually still and will cuddle in your lap.  It's usually right after a bottle he will just lay there for about 5 minutes before wanting to get back to playing and all over the house.  I love it!! Such a sweet moment!
Sometimes after eating the good stuff he needs a quick bath, and no easier way then putting his cute self in the kitchen sink!

 We went to Kevin's highschool softball game to watch his students play.  The only picture I took from that evening.  Jace made it through most of the game, but then couldn't stand it anymore and crashed!
 Keeping Jace entertained during Dane's games are hard like I said... lots of snacks and baby cookies/puffs are involved. 

 Dane's Friday night game was a great game!! We played a really really really good team... We were behind for the first couple innings, but suddenly we started scoring a lot!! And almost caught up  The score was 15 to 16 and we were behind one run.  It was the last inning, we had a runner on 3rd, and 2 outs and I was thanking my lucky stars that Dane wasn't the next batter because that is a lot of pressure on a kid.  Unfortunately, the other team got us out and we lost by one run.  But, it was such a great game and Dane did really well! His batting has gotten much better this season.  
 Jace likes to "fly" during the games.  Ha

 Dane working that glove before being the 2nd baseman.  
 Dane's really good friend Josh from his class was on the other team.  They both were so cute talking to each other.  I heard Dane tell him "Josh you had a great game" and Josh said "I wanted us both to win".  Super cute.  
 Our Friday night game was at 7:30 and we got home around 9:30 that night.  Then Saturday morning we drew the short straw and had a 8:00 game, and had to be at the field at 7:30.  Early Saturday!! This game was a bit rough.  We got spanked.  LOL!!!! The other team was great at fielding and we couldn't seem to get anyone on base.  Even our strongest hitters got out because their fielding was incredible and they were super fast at getting the ball and getting kids out at first.  Dane had 3 really good hits, but got out at first all 3 times.  I'm not even sure what the score ended up being because I lost count.  It was pretty bad.  The kids were disappointed that we struggled to get on base the entire game.  

Dane watching his shows and acting like a teenager when I tried to take his picture. 
 when Jace gets super tired he will just lay down on the carpet and put his head down.  That's usually my cue that I need to hurry and get him to bed before the moment passes. 
 We went outside to go catch the bus and this hot air balloon was right over our house.  Dane and all the kids were flipping out!! They thought it was so cool!
 Another picture of his face after a nap... guess he got hungry.  Isn't that crazy how much he is chewing on the crib!!!! 

 Saturday after Dane's baseball game we came home and let Jace take a nap.  Then we went and had lunch at Gringos and we had plans to go to the Big Nature Festival that Bridgeland does every year.  We had been a few years ago, and it was a lot of fun for Dane.  But, after we waited for several minutes in a long line for the shuttle that was taking people from the parking area to the festival we decided that we didn't want to do it.  It was hot, and we knew we would be waiting a super long time just to get to the festival and it was super crowded.  I had a feeling that by the time we got there we would all be cranky and more trouble than it was worth. Kevin and I were like do we really want to do this??? So, I suggested we leave and go to the Lazer tag place that Dane had his birthday at and use our buy one get one free game coupon that we still had.  I suggested that place because Dane knew that the festival had an outdoor laser tag area and that was really all he cared about doing.  So, we headed back to our car and then Kevin suggested we call and see if Dane's friend Chris who lives around the corner wanted to go too, so Dane would have a friend to hang out with.  And just like that the plan turned into the perfect afternoon.  Dane and Chris had a blast playing arcade games in between the 2 laser tag missions they did.  Everyone was happy! Before taking Chris home we stopped and got snow cones and then went back to the house to chill for a while.  Jace chewed on his feet most of the time, and then we let him out of his stroller and let him walk around while the boys played.  

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