Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day

I'm just getting around to posting about Mother's Day.  I had a great weekend and was spoiled by my boys.  I started off the weekend On Thursday evening.  My mom came into town to stay the night and go with us to see Dane's play the next day.  So, after spending some time with the boys we snuck off to our favorite restaurant, Gringos of course, to spend some QT eat queso and drink ritas.  We had a great evening, it had been a while that I was able to spend time with her with all that is going on.  

sad... this is the only picture I got of us.  HA!

Friday Dane got off the bus and had a surprise for me.  He had brought money to school and bought me a flower.  I seriously had no idea he was doing this, and it shocked me that I didn't know.  Dane is terrible at keeping secrets... TERRIBLE! So, the fact that he managed to keep this secret and bring money to school without me having a clue blew my mind! I even saw him that day at school for his play, but his lips were sealed! He was soooooooo proud too that he had a flower for me, it was the sweetest thing! Also, in his class they made a little book for us moms.  He was super cute when he gave it to me.  
 Here is just a few of the many pages that were in this book.  Hilarious to say the least.  

This one cracked me up.  For one making lunches isn't my favorite thing.  And this pretty much sums up how I look while making lunches.  HA!  Crazy bed head in full force!

Dane didn't want to wait till Sunday to give me my gift that him and Kevin and Jace got me, so he talked Kevin into giving it to me Friday night.  He told me to go lay in my bed and they would bring it to me in my bedroom.  Dane walked in with a bed tray and a gift bag.  Inside the gift bag was a remote control for a tv for the bedroom.  I had mentioned recently that I needed a place to veg out while Kevin and Dane were watching their silly shows on their other 2 tvs.  So, Kevin treated me to my very own retreat! While I was looking at the cards Dane decided that he would "serve" me a drink incase I got thirsty while watching my new tv.  He came back with this.  I died.  Hilarious.  
Then a little later he told me he wanted to make me "dinner" but the only thing he knew how to make was toast.  His intentions were spot on, but I couldn't help but think it was hilarious!!
Doesn't that toast look delicious??? :)

The next morning Dane wanted me to stay in bed again, so he could serve me breakfast.  He was taking his role to spoil me very seriously.  I'm not a huge breakfast person, so I asked if I could just have a breakfast taco, so that's what I got.  

Later that day on Saturday we headed to Orange.  We hung out at my mom's for a while, Dane got to go swimming and we just relaxed till that evening. My aunt was performing in a show called Listen to your Mother that night so I came into town for that.  The boys stayed at the house while I went with my mom, niece, aunts and cousins to watch the show.  The show was sort of like a dramatic reading where 12 different people read their personal story about motherhood.  There were hilarious stories, and emotional, and dramatic, and heartwarming and everything in between.  It was a great show, and so fun to spend time with my family while supporting my aunt.  

We came back to Cypress on Sunday, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Kevin went and picked up some to-go Gringos and we watched tv and did nothing the rest of the day.  It was a great weekend! 
This little guy gave me lots of smiles and loved on me like normal days! 

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