Tuesday, June 16, 2015

End of First Grade!

It seems like yesterday we were going to Dane's pre-school graduation and couldn't believe he would be entering kindergarten, and now he is officially done with first grade.  Hard to believe how fast it has all gone!! He had a great year in first grade.  We loved his teacher Mrs Harmon, and so sad that he won't have her again.  I tried talking her into moving up to 2nd grade, but she wouldn't budge.  She told us her heart is teaching first graders.  We will miss having her as Dane's teacher.  Dane excelled in reading and math this year and loved everything about school.  Besides him talking non-stop which we could expect no less he had no problems in first grade.  He really enjoyed the year! 

First Day of First Grade:

Last Day of First Grade:

Dane's end of the school year party was on their last day and then we were able to check them out early from school.  He was so excited that it was the last day of school.  After his class party we went with 3 of his friends from his class to chick fil-a to have lunch and let them get out some crazy energy.  Then later once Kevin got home we went to Baskin Robbins for our first summer treat! 

Pure chaos trying to get these kids lined up to spell out WE ARE SECOND GRADERS!! It was hilarious and insane and made me thankful for our teachers who deal with this craziness on a daily basis! 

2nd Grade here we come!!

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