Sunday, June 14, 2015

May Happenings

Well, I totally dropped the ball on this blog didn't I? 
Man! Life got busy with the end of the school year, and then I blinked and it was already the 2nd week of summer!! Life flies by if you let it! I need to slow down and enjoy each day instead of thinking about the next thing that is planned in the future.  I'm constantly looking at my calendar looking ahead instead of just living in the moment.  But, summer is here and I'm trying to soak it all in and enjoy the time with everyone home.  

So, I have a lot to catch up on.  

First just some Miscellaneous pictures that have been locked up in my cell phone from those last few weeks in May.  

Jace loves when I say "do you want a snack".  He gets all excited and then if you don't put him in his highchair immediately he will start fussing and have a meltdown.  The boy loves table food. 

Always looking for something to put in his mouth that is on the floor.  He finds the smallest things that are invisible to the human eye to put in his mouth.  

Dane's front 2 top teeth have been loose for months and driving me crazy.  He finally got brave and pulled out one that was hanging on by a thread.  The tooth fairy made a visit and he was thrilled!! Weeks went by before the one next to it came out.  I could barely handle it.  He talked differently and seeing that one loose tooth next to the gap just about put me over the edge.  I'm not sure what it is but the loosing of teeth thing has to be in my top 5 of the things I hate the most of parenting.  It's just gross and it makes me squeamish.


Check out this pouty lip. He is rotten

Things are starting to click with Jace. He is learning things and repeating stuff that we are doing so it's really fun to watch him develop.  We have this toy ride on type train that you can put blocks in and it will shoot them down to underneath the seat.  He learned how to do it himself and he was so proud of himself.  He would grab a block and put it in the hole and then push it down and then look at us for approval.  So, everytime he did it we would cheer and cheer and then he would get the biggest smile on his face and squeal and giggle.  So cute! This stage is fun because he is now starting to sort of follow commands and understand some things.  

We finished up with Dane's baseball season, finally.  This season has been crazy with the amount of bad weather that we had that caused numerous rainouts and cancellations of games and baseball related events.  We should have known in the beginning that it was going to be a crazy season when opening day got cancelled.  His season was suppose to be over weeks before but kept getting pushed back and back.  After the regular season ended there was a playoff tournament to eliminate teams for the championship game.  Our last game was during Memorial weekend.  Our team played 2 more games and got eliminated from the tournament, but we had plans to be with family at the beach so had to skip out.  Dane had fun and enjoyed playing and improved a lot since the fall season.  I was happy that it was over by the end of it and looking forward to having a few months baseball free before the fall season starts back up.  
 Little man is getting harder and harder to contain especially at baseball games.  He just wants to be on the move and walking around and exploring.  He will only sit in a stroller if you are constantly pushing him in it.  So, Kevin and I have to swap out with watching him, holding him and watching the game.  We're busy during the games! 

The 2nd to last week of school we ended up having a really short week.  Dane was out from school on Monday because of Memorial Day.  And then on Tuesday school got cancelled because of the horrible weather that most of Texas endured.  Such sad tragedies came from the flooding that occurred during that time.  The day we had no school Cypress ended up being a day without any rain.  It was crazy to be out of school and not a rain cloud in sight.  I guess the ones in charge were trying to be safe with all that was going on in Houston.  So, we enjoyed having an extra day at home and ended up at the splash pad that afternoon.  That was the first time for Jace, and I wasn't sure how he would react.  He was startled the first time he got sprayed with water and cried, but after a couple minutes he warmed up and I couldn't keep him away from the water! He loved it, and Dane had fun as well because there were other kids there to play with.  

We ended May with a Crystal beach trip with family which will need to be on a separate post!! 

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