Wednesday, June 17, 2015


June 4th was a big day in our house.  Not only was it Dane's last day of 1st grade it was also this little guy's 1st birthday!! 
What an incredible and fast year it has been with this sweet baby in our lives.  He is in such a fun stage now, loves to giggle and play.  His favorite game is to be chased. He will giggle while walking away as fast as he can all while looking back at you with big eyes and then laugh and laugh when you catch him.  He is starting to understand some commands and knows what is coming next when we mention certain things.  He has started "playing" ball with us. He hasn't figured out how to throw it yet, but he will hold it out close to you to get, and then will go get it when you throw it to him.  
Eating is his favorite and sleeping is his less favorite.  He loves table food and has become quite the beggar if you are eating in front of him.  Little booger is still waking up at night which is unfortunate, but he is pretty consistent with nap times for the most part.  
Jace loves music and to be sung to.  He has just started dancing when he hears music, def gets his moves from his daddy.  He also loves playing peek a boo, patty cake, and this little piggy.  He loves his people and wants us close at all times.  Dane can make him belly laugh like no other.  Usually the more obnoxious Dane is being the more Jace will laugh where he can't breathe.  
He still only has 2 teeth on bottom, and now has 4 teeth on top.  He wears 12-18 month clothes now.  
Such an amazing year!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Jace

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