Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Party On!

We celebrated Jace's birthday with a crawfish boil with close friends and family the Sunday after his birthday and school ended.  We were so thankful to those who were able to come, most who traveled a couple hundred miles or more to be with us on this special day.  Kevin and his dad worked extremely hard cooking the crawfish and making sure that our guests had plenty to peel and eat! It was a great party, and we were so thankful for all the love we got for our sweet boy.  Unfortunately, Jace wasn't feeling like himself at the party, so he was a little emotional and clingy.  I found out the next day at his one year well check that he had double ear infections, so even though his party was a success he wasn't feeling very well which was a bummer and made me sad that he was sick.  Being sick didn't stop him though from tearing into his cake! He has my sweet tooth! Jace was gifted with some great things, some new toys, books and clothes.  It was a great day celebrating Jace turning 1!! I love that little booger so much!

Some of the pictures uploaded out of order, but there's too many to fix it! Picture overload!

Dane trying a crawfish for the first time.  He said he liked it, but only wanted the one!! HAHA!!

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