Monday, June 15, 2015

Pre-Summer Fun!

We ended the month of May with a beach trip to Crystal beach with my family.  Kevin worked until 10:00 on Friday because he had a meeting and Dane played hookie from school.  It was the last Friday of the school year, and I knew he wouldn't be missing much anyway.  So, as soon as Kevin rolled in we headed out to the beach.  We stayed at my mom's friend's beach cabin and had the best weekend.  My cousins, aunt and their families all came up on Saturday and spent the day with us and David was able to come over for the day as well.  It was the perfect weekend, filled with family, sand, water, snow cones and great weather.  Both boys had a great time and loved the beach.  The cabin is really close to the beach so I was able to go back and forth with Jace when he would get tired or whatever.  It was the perfect ending to a great school year, even though we still had 4 more days left the next week, and it was the best beginning to our summer break.   

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